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  1. New Year, New You, New Eyewear
    New Year, New You, New Eyewear

    New Year, New You, New Eyewear

    2020 has arrived and with a New Year comes all those New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them: eat healthily, exercise more, kick bad habits and of course get a new look. We’ll see how long your New Year’s Resolutions last, but, we at Fashion Eyewear can help you keep one, even if it’s just for January. We have a New Year, New Look Sale to help you kick start your 2020 wardrobe with the latest, on-trend accessories from a large range of luxury brands at an affordable price. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast already and love wearing the latest sunglasses, or maybe you actually need a new pair of prescription glasses and want a change of style, we have what you’re looking for. We’ve handpicked our top five optical brands and top five pairs of sunglass brands that are in for 2020 for you to shop.


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  2. Glasses Trends To Watch Out For In 2020
    Glasses Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

    2019 is coming to an end and we are already thinking about which glasses to wear in the New Year. Some styles are staying the same for 2020, however new innovative shapes are coming to start the year boldly.  Here we have the trend forecast for glasses from WGSN X MIDO so you know what styles, colourways and trends to buy in the New Year. Whether you want a new pair of prescription glasses, sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, this guide will help you with what to look out for from January.


    WGSN has presented three macro trends which will influence 2020, these include: Code Create, Empower Up and Designing Emotion.

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  3. Dior brings 'Diorama' to its 2016 eyewear collection
    Dior brings 'Diorama' to its 2016 eyewear collection

    Founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior, the globally renowned and revered French luxury goods company Dior presents unto you its phenomenal Dior Diorama collection. Within this uniquely elegant and luxurious fashion collection lays a range of contemporary and authentically sophisticated ready-to-wear eyewear products. The sunglasses that feature in the Dior Diorama collection are feminine, delicate - and available in a full spectrum of styles and chic complementary colours.

    diorama1_tgudcDior Diorama 1

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  4. Princess Charlene in Dior Sunglasses
    Princess Charlene in Dior Sunglasses

    The Dior Sunglasses - Fit for a Princess

    The world has an interesting fascination with royal families. People want to know what they are wearing and where they got it from. But no other lady is more revered for her style than Princess Charlene of Monaco. At an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Monagesque throne, she was spotted wearing a lovely pair of the Dior sunglasses. We have found a much newer and more popular model that rivals the original (the Dior Exquise) - it's the Dior Glisten 1. Both models are almost identical in the detailing and adornment on the temples and frame arms.

    dior glisten 1 sunglasses

    The lovely event was celebrated at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. The royal family o

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  5. Rihanna In Tokyo Wearing The New Dior Mirrored Sunglasses
    Rihanna In Tokyo Wearing The New Dior Mirrored Sunglasses

    Just over a week ago, our favourite style maven, Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty went to Tokyo to attend a presentation of Dior’s latest collection. On the red carpet the Bajan star was draped in head to toe Dior. It almost seemed like we were reliving the moment she brought the So Real sunglasses to life and on everyone’s radar. On her well structured face was a stunning pair of Dior’s latest sunglasses model – the Dior Mirrored in a metallic pink palladium colour.



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  6. Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL
    Dior So Real Sunglasses on Instagram #SOREAL

    11148451_807967002586182_6539450404946110797_n blogger dresshallru

    This season, there has only been one major pair of sunglasses on people’s minds, the “Dior So Real.” If you are active on social media or read fashion magazines then you’ll know exactly what we mean. Since the announcement of Rihanna’s “Secret Garden 4” campaign with Dior, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the model – which was also featured in the campaign.

    coco chanel

    If you like celebrity style and being a fashion influencer in your own right then you should try these on for size. We see this model being popular all through this summer as well. What’s lovely about this pair is that they were popular 2-3 seasons ago as well. The fact that the sunglasses have no nose bridge is what keeps them popula

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  7. Rihanna wearing Dior So Real sunglasses in the new Dior Secret Garden IV campaign
    Rihanna wearing Dior So Real sunglasses in the new Dior Secret Garden IV campaign

    You've probably heard the news that our one and only Bajan queen Rihanna has been crowned the new face of Dior in the brand's Secret Garden IV Versailles campaign. The images were released last week when she posted the campaign on her social media. We also shared the teaser video which was well received on our Facebook page. The images feature Rihanna wearing this season’s most popular Dior sunglass model, the “Dior So Real.” She is also wearing clothing from the previous collection and looking ultra stylish.


    The singer from Barbados has gone on to make her mark

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  8. 4 Styles You Need to Nab on Sale Right Now
    4 Styles You Need to Nab on Sale Right Now

    xmas product sun

    The iconic Persol 3072s sunglasses are one of the hottest selling styles of eyewear of all time. These notorious shades, popularised by the king of cool himself Steve McQueen from the 1950's by making appearances in many of his most notable films, have been updated and re-released to showcase the reborn Phoenix Arrow. “Brash, bold and chic” is how these stunning frames are described and appear in the wonderfully cinematic Film Noir promotional spot as the “Gangster Sunglasses”. We know what you’re thinking, how could something so bad look so good?

    Persol PO3072

    PERSOL PO3072S

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  9. All Time Best Dressed in Eyewear
    All Time Best Dressed in Eyewear

    We love our eyewear, is that any surprise? This past year has seen the unveiling of some of our favourite collections yet. With the Fall/Winter collections soon to be revealed by some our favourite brands and the summer season slowly coming to an end, we are counting down some of our favourite Eyewear Style Stars of over the years.

    20. Miranda Kerr

    The Australian model is best known for her Victoria Secret campaign and is the former wife of english actor Orlando bloom. Kerr is also a published writer with her self-help book Treasure Yourself. Career began when she was 13 years old. Kerr became a mom to her son Flynn with whom she co parents with former husband Orlando Bloom. Like mother like son, stylish little Flynn could have a career in fashion himself.

    Featured Sunglasses Brand: Chanel

    Get t

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  10. Dior Hatutaa Review

    Dior is a French fashion house that was founded in 1946.

    Christian Dior reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world after WW2. Brand new designs and shapes were introduced that embraced the female body and praised voluptuous curves. The style was deemed the New Look and became instantly popular world-wide. The Dior brand is one of the biggest designer brands to exist and is adored by high-profile celebrities across the globe.

    Dior Sunglasses

    The Dior Hatutaa sunglasses are highly in demand and popular. The style of the eyewear resonates

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  11. Dior Mystery 2 Review

    Dior Mystery 2

    If you want to get noticed and make a fashion statement with your sunglasses and not just an afterthought, Dior sunglasses are the perfect choice. The ultra-chic Dior Mystery 2 adds an instant intrigue to your style and the elegance of a Hollywood star.




    Luxury goods company Christian Dior was founded by French designer Christian Dior in 1946, quickly growing into one of the world’s top fashion houses that is today. While Dior designs are mainly targeted at ladies, there’s a separate men’s line, Dior Homme and baby Dior for childrenswear.

    Christian Dior became extremely popular and a sought-after desig

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  12. Dior Lady In Dior 2 Sunglasses Review

    Lady In Dior 2Christian Dior founded the fashion house in 1946. Dior reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world after World War 2 .

    To this day the Dior ethos resonates what the founder crafted and that was elegance combined with taking risks. Dior explored the feminine shape and created silhouettes for the more voluptuous figure. Women around the world celebrated the new shapes that were highly flattering and instantly popular.

    Dior Lady In Dior 2

    Dior Sunglasses

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