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  1. Eyewear trends to watch for 2021
    Eyewear trends to watch for 2021

    We can all agree that we are happy to see the back of 2020! It is time to face a new year, a new mindset and, of course, a new wardrobe. Although some recurring trends have been carried through to the Spring/Summer 2021, we invite with open arms the newest trends like the oversized statement frame! Lockdowns, however, we do not. 

    After all, it is only January, and you might not be thinking about Summer or getting a new pair of sunglasses to go with it - but don’t be fooled. Sunglasses are not only a summer accessory, the winter sun can also be blinding! Stay ahead of the SS21 trends and wear your new shades now. 

    Trends to watch this year are geometric aviators, retro styling and tinted lenses. This year is led by timeless silhouettes and, of course, the ’70s - we haven’t given up on that era yet. 

    Brands to keep in mind for 2021: Miu Miu, Chloe, Botte

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  2. Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear
    Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

    Geek Chic

    So many of us need optical frames for the obvious, practical reason - to see better. However, fashion enthusiasts among us purely wear frames to be on-trend. A trend which is always trickling in and out of fashion is geek chic which leans heavily on glasses for its impact.  Many glasses shapes are considered ‘geeky’ and our favourite influencers have made being a geek fashionable. Justin Timberlake is one actor who often represents the geek chic styling, along with Matt Smith and Alexa Chung. So in the eyewear industry, geek chic has become a timeless trend, which makes spending money on a luxury pair of specs more worthwhile as you’ll able to wear the same pair of glasses season after season. 

    Picking a frame style which suits you is always important. Luckily the geek chic look can be achieved with very different eyewear shapes and sty

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  3. What to do with your unwanted glasses...
    What to do with your unwanted glasses...

    At Fashion Eyewear we try to be as sustainable as possible. We understand the scrutiny that the fashion industry is under when it comes to the environment and how important saving our planet is. It is crucial we all try and make an effort as a business and as individuals, here are some ways our business is sustainable:

    • Recycling all paper and waste used in our head office.
    • Limiting package waste and recycling all boxes which can’t be reused.
    • Stocking sustainable brands (Stella McCartney - read how she is a sustainable brand here).
    • Any returned frames which we can’t re-sell are donated to the charity ‘Vision Aid Overseas’.

    About Vision Aid Overseas

    Vision Aid Ove

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  4. The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists
    The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists

    We’ve heard of the difficulty which comes with wearing a pair of glasses while riding a motorcycle. Helmets have to be snug and this can make finding the right frames difficult. Although looking cool is important, having safe, practical glasses that are comfortable under your helmet is essential. This blog can help you make a decision on which styles, shapes and lenses you need for your glasses to make sure they don’t annoy you while riding, whether they are sunglasses or optical. 

    Which style of glasses are best suited?

    As well as finding a pair of glasses that match your personal style, these are the types of glasses and shapes we recommend you to buy:

    • Foam cups seal the
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  5. David Beckham Releases First Eyewear Collection Produced by Safilo.
    David Beckham Releases First Eyewear Collection Produced by Safilo.



    David Beckham has signed a 10-year license with Italian eyewear specialist’s the Safilo Group. As a retailer, we had to get our hands on this exclusive collection with David Beckham and Safilo because the collection was both innovative in design and optical elements, qualities we knew our customer would love. We are now eagerly waiting for our stock to arrive.

    “It is a great honour for

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    Our New DITA 2020 Collection is going live today ready for you to buy. The collection has 17 new frames added, some are completely new styles, some existing models reworked for 2020 trends and colour palettes. Here are our top picks from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection:


    DITA is a luxury brand, which employs the best team of designers and optical developers to make sure your frames aren't just luxury but include the most advanced lens technology. It takes months and months of research and work to design a DITA Frame, although you can't see that hard work you can feel the work and quality when holding a pair of DITA frames. This is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury e

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  7. The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019
    The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019

    What is Black Friday?

    A trend which started in America, Black Friday is the last pay day before Christmas. As it is the last pay day, all retailers put on large discounted sales causing shopping to become a little bit crazy. That is why we recommend staying safe and enjoying the sales from the comfort of your sofa and laptop.

    When is Black Friday this year?

    This year’s date is the 29th of November so keep that in your diary - It is only 1 week away. The sale date always happens to fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, however the sales will last all weekend with Cyber Monday following, so don’t worry you have a whole weekend to enjoy the sales. However, be quick while stocks last!

    Decide if you are shopping online or in store...

    As we already mentioned, sho

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