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face shape

  1. Glasses to suit a long face shape
    Glasses to suit a long face shape

    More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses in the UK and with digital technology becoming an everyday essential for most, the average age people start to become dependent on glasses is becoming lower and lower. Whether you think glasses are an essential accessory or see them as a nuisance, we all want to feel good wearing them,  knowing our specs are flattering us and match our look. The first step in buying a pair of glasses which make you feel good is knowing your face shape and which glasses suit it. This blog will be specifically focusing on glasses that suit a long face shape if you aren’t sure what face shape you have you can read our blog here which will help you identify the different features of different face shapes.

    What is a long face shape?

    A l

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  2. The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape
    The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

    It is imperative for you to know your face shape as not only does it help make the process of shopping for eye wear so much easier, but it also ensures that you are able to get the eye wear that suits your facial features best. Getting the right frames suited to your face shape will not only make you comfortable but also give you so much confidence and swag that even Kanye will be jealous. If you are not exactly sure of, or don’t know your face shape, fear not as we are here to help you. If you know your face shape but would like to see some frame suggestions for yourself or for a gift, then stick around we've got you covered.

    Oval Shaped Faces


    yonce equivalentThose with oval shaped faces can take inspiration from Liam Hemsworth and Beyoncé, two very stylish individuals who work their facial features to

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  3. How To Choose Glasses That Suit You
    How To Choose Glasses That Suit You

    Choosing glasses can be tricky. Sometimes the pair you like may not suit you, or a pair that suit you aren't your style at all. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of prescription glasses, and are valuable to know if ordering a frame online.

    Face Shape

    When choosing a frame shape, face shape is all important. There are several different face shapes that most people fall into. Here we will have a look at the shapes, the characteristics for identifying them and what frames suit them.


    The Oval Face

    This face shape is considered the ideal as it has the

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