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  1. The Most Stylish Glasses For Men in 2020
    The Most Stylish Glasses For Men in 2020

    Deciding on a new pair of glasses can be hard, especially if you want the latest trends - there are so many! At Fashion Eyewear it is easy to keep up with the latest frame, we do all the work for you, simply read our style edit below for our top picks of the most stylish glasses in 2020, then click the image to shop. 

    Tom Ford Horn Tom N.15

    Tom Ford is one of our most luxurious brands. Their frames are popular with both men and women. However, the Tom Ford Horn N.15 is a particularly popular frame with men this year. With impressive design qualities, the Horn Tom is made with finest acetate and metal, creating a statement gold bridge and gold Tom Ford ‘T’ detailing. A bonus design feature is that the Tom Ford Horn Tom comes with a cli

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  2. Sustainable Eyewear With Stella McCartney
    Sustainable Eyewear With Stella McCartney

    Sustainable Eyewear 

    Stella McCartney unveils a new sustainable approach to her eyewear collection. 

    “As a signatory of ‘The New Plastics Global Commitment’, launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we have pledged to eliminate all unnecessary and problematic plastics by 2025. By this deadline, we are also committed to ensuring that 100% of plastic can be easily and safely reused, recycled or composted, circulating the plastic produced and making it into new packaging or products.”

    Stella McCartney Brand 2019

    Stella McCartn

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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019
    The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019

    What is Black Friday?

    A trend which started in America, Black Friday is the last pay day before Christmas. As it is the last pay day, all retailers put on large discounted sales causing shopping to become a little bit crazy. That is why we recommend staying safe and enjoying the sales from the comfort of your sofa and laptop.

    When is Black Friday this year?

    This year’s date is the 29th of November so keep that in your diary - It is only 1 week away. The sale date always happens to fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, however the sales will last all weekend with Cyber Monday following, so don’t worry you have a whole weekend to enjoy the sales. However, be quick while stocks last!

    Decide if you are shopping online or in store...

    As we already mentioned, sho

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  4. Sunglasses guide for men
    Sunglasses guide for men

    In essence, sunglasses are a practical being. I say ‘being’ because considering how big a role they currently play in the modern man’s life (the sun’s always out and shining somewhere in the world) - they might as well be elevated to a slightly sentient status.  

    However, they are not just a practical soul, for decades they have been our go-to fashion accessories, born to replace the days when a man was trendy if he owned a gazillion and one hat.  

     Today sunglasses have a dual purpose; they exist to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays (in fact doctors recommend that you wear sunglasses whenever the sun is out, no matter if this occurs during a winter snowstorm because apparently, this time looking the sun can be the most dangerous!) whilst letting you express your individual styles and keep up with the

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