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  1. What Are Bifocal Glasses And Are They Worth Getting?
    What Are Bifocal Glasses And Are They Worth Getting?

    Bifocal glasses have lenses which are split into two parts, accommodating two different prescriptions in one lens. The upper portion of the lens is for distance vision. The lower portion of the lens has a different prescription, usually for near vision.

    Why are bifocal glasses worth getting?

    Bifocal glasses are worth getting if you have two different prescriptions because they can accommodate both in one lens so that you can easily switch between the two.

    For example, wearers can use the distance portion of the lens the majority of the time, then quickly switch by looking through the bottom part of their lens for near-sighted activities, like looking at their phone or a computer screen.

    This is more convenient than having to switch between two different glasses constantly.


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  2. How to measure pupil distance | Measure Pupil Distance Accurately – Fashion Eyewear
    How to measure pupil distance | Measure Pupil Distance Accurately – Fashion Eyewear

    How to Measure Pupil Distance 

    Your pupil distance is an essential measurement for ordering prescription glasses; without it, your lenses won’t be accurate. This measurement is used to accurately determine the area of your lens that you look through to ensure that you have clear vision.

    Your pupil distance, or PD, is the distance between the centre of your pupils (the black circles in the centre of your eye) and is always measured in millimetres for accuracy. 

    Typically, your optician will do this measurement. However, we have an excellent online tool that allows you to d

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    Buying glasses online definitely has it’s advantages: you don’t need to leave your house, you can try on as many frames as you like using the virtual try-on (without feeling rushed to make a decision), and you can add your prescription without a trip to your local opticians. With Fashion Eyewear you can try on frames which have strutted straight off the catwalk to our HQ as well as staples you love from last season. We definitely stock more than your local opticians can fit in their store with over 100 brands and thousands of models in both optical and sunglasses. 

    Adding your prescription online 

    With Fashion Eyewear adding your prescription online really is easy. Make sure your prescription is still valid, we recommend getting your eyes tested onc

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  4. Iconic Fashion Sunglasses and Glasses
    Iconic Fashion Sunglasses and Glasses

    What are the most iconic fashion glasses and sunglasses of 2020? Our in-house styling team has put together the most iconic frames for this year, the most iconic frames you simply must buy to be on-trend. We have a large range of new innovative styles for both males, female and unisex styles that the whole family will love. You can shop minimalistic trends, glamorous, fashion-forward, cat-walk pieces and classics all in one place, simply scroll down and shop below our iconic collection of sunglasses and glasses.


    We can start with Gucci. For the last few years, Gucci has been one of the leading fashion brands, not only in eyewear but leading the fashion industry as a whole. Our buying team examined the Gucci cat-walk to see what Gucci was bringing

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  5. Do Transitions Lenses have UV Protection?
    Do Transitions Lenses have UV Protection?

    Transitions are a brand name for photochromic technology used to create light-sensitive and light adaptive lenses. Transitions lenses are a type of light intelligent eyeglass lens that will darken when exposed to sunlight. Transitions lenses offer 100% UV protection, filtering out a large amount of the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.
    Let’s look at the benefits of wearing transition lenses, where to find them and how to take good care of them.

    Top Pros and Cons of Transitions Lenses:

    · Light adaptive transitions lenses are highly convenient, allowing you to go about your day without needing to switch between your prescription glasses and sunglasses.

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  6. Glasses to suit a long face shape
    Glasses to suit a long face shape

    More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses in the UK and with digital technology becoming an everyday essential for most, the average age people start to become dependent on glasses is becoming lower and lower. Whether you think glasses are an essential accessory or see them as a nuisance, we all want to feel good wearing them,  knowing our specs are flattering us and match our look. The first step in buying a pair of glasses which make you feel good is knowing your face shape and which glasses suit it. This blog will be specifically focusing on glasses that suit a long face shape if you aren’t sure what face shape you have you can read our blog here which will help you identify the different features of different face shapes.

    What is a long face shape?

    A l

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  7. The Best Glasses For Small Faces
    The Best Glasses For Small Faces

    What are the best type of glasses for small face shapes? If you have a small face shape you might find it hard to find a pair of glasses that best suit your face. You may love some fashionable styles like oversized glasses but just know you wouldn’t pull them off. You may have even thought of shopping for kids glasses because you find it hard to get the right fit but we can help you find the right style for you. 

    How do I know I have a small face?

    For some, it may be obvious that you have a small face shape. When trying on glasses you may feel like most shapes of frames overpower your face and hide it, or maybe they seem huge compared to your face. To be sure, check the proportions of your face. Focus on the following areas:




    Face L

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  8. What’s the difference between varifocal and bifocal lenses?
    What’s the difference between varifocal and bifocal lenses?

    Many people get confused about the difference between varifocal and bifocal lenses and which would be the best type of lens for them. We have created this simple guide to help you understand the difference and pick the right lens type. Both types of lenses can take a bit of time to get used to if you have been used to using just single vision lenses.

    Bifocal Lenses 

    Bifocal lenses allow two different prescriptions to be combined into one lens. The lens is divided into two parts to accommodate the combination of prescriptions. The top half of the lens usually has the distance lens and the lower half of the lens is usually the near vision prescription. Bifocal lenses are perfect if you have two prescription types. 

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  9. The best sporting brands to shop at Fashion Eyewear
    The best sporting brands to shop at Fashion Eyewear

    Prada Sport 

    Prada Sport is a hugely powerful part of the Prada brand. Each of the Prada Sport frames holds the distinctive red line logo, some hold the Prada Linea Rossa logo. The collection has strong, lightweight and functional features combined with Prada luxury and glamour. If you take pride in staying active as well as looking fashionable Prada Sport is for you. There are attractive models for both men and women, designed with two ‘F’s” in mind Fashion and Functionality. No matter which sport you will play, you’ll play it in confidence and style with Prada Sport, frames designed with active lifestyles in mind. 

    Most of the Prada Sport Sunglasses are wraps and shields which wrap around the side of your face. This provides extra securit

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  10. Top Summer Sunglasses for 2020 at Fashion Eyewear
    Top Summer Sunglasses for 2020 at Fashion Eyewear

    Summer has finally arrived and although it may not be like a normal summer it doesn’t stop the sun from shining, and with the sun comes the need to wear sunglasses. Just as we look after our skin in the sun, it’s just as important to protect our eyes for UV rays. So sunglasses really are a health essential. While sunglasses are practical and fundamental to our eye health, you may as well protect your eyes in style! It can be so hard to keep up with fashion trends just like clothes fashion eyewear fashion constantly changes with the seasons. Luckily, when it comes to sunglasses the change isn’t quite so drastic so a good pair of fashionable sunglasses can be on-trend for years. In fact, sunglasses can be split into staple sunglasses which never go out of fashion and trend-led sunglasses which will come in and out of fashion as the cycle keeps turning. 

    Trend-led Fashi

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  11. The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.
    The best glasses to wear if you have an oval face shape.

    If you have an oval face shape, think yourself lucky. This is one of the most admired face shapes, deemed as ‘ideal’ because of it’s balance balanced proportions - perfect for choosing a pair of glasses. If you aren’t sure exactly what your face shape is, you can read our previous blog here. Oval faces have a narrow forehead and chin with high cheekbones. 

    When it comes to choosing a pair of glasses you are lucky  - you can take your pick from just about any glasses shape and they will still suit you.  The majority of glasses’ shapes are flattering to your oval face shape. Just make sure you pick a pair of glasses that don’t distract from the natural balance of your features. You don’t want to look unproportioned so staying away from an oversized frame is best. 

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  12. David Beckham Eyewear collection is now live!
    David Beckham Eyewear collection is now live!

    One of our newest additions to Fashion Eyewear is the DB Eyewear collection by David Beckham. This creation is in collaboration with leading luxury Italian eyewear manufacturers Safilo, with David Beckham curating the collection. The aim of this product range is to combine David’s style with timeless staple frames which will always remain fashionable, along with the finest optical materials from Safilo. His eye for detail and high fashion taste has created an exceptional contemporary aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. 

    “My own style journey has taught me the power of simplicity and the importance of detail and craftsmanship” - David Beckham 

    The collection is split into sections which have inspired the range:

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