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  1. What Are Bifocal Glasses And Are They Worth Getting?
    What Are Bifocal Glasses And Are They Worth Getting?

    Bifocal glasses have lenses which are split into two parts, accommodating two different prescriptions in one lens. The upper portion of the lens is for distance vision. The lower portion of the lens has a different prescription, usually for near vision.

    Why are bifocal glasses worth getting?

    Bifocal glasses are worth getting if you have two different prescriptions because they can accommodate both in one lens so that you can easily switch between the two.

    For example, wearers can use the distance portion of the lens the majority of the time, then quickly switch by looking through the bottom part of their lens for near-sighted activities, like looking at their phone or a computer screen.

    This is more convenient than having to switch between two different glasses constantly.

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  2. Can I Make my Sunglasses Prescription?
    Can I Make my Sunglasses Prescription?

    Switching between your regular prescription glasses and your sunglasses can be a hassle – why not protect your eyes and correct your vision at the same time? By adding prescription lenses to your sunglasses, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, protecting your eye health with effortless style.

    Can sunglasses have prescription lenses? Yes! You can have your own corrective prescription lenses built into a pair of sunglasses, giving them the same corrective qualities as the glasses you would normally wear indoors. This is especially useful for those with refractive errors in their vision, protecting your eyes from sunlight and glare without compromising your ability to see clearly.

    Can Prescription Lenses be put in Any Frame?

    Nearly any t

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  3. Nikon SeeCoat Bright
    Nikon SeeCoat Bright

    With Nikon Prescription Lenses, you truly get a custom made experience manufactured for your personal prescription whether varifocal or single vision. The information given by your local optician can simply be added at the checkout after you have picked your favourite frames. Nikon then uses this information to create your personalised designer glasses.

    Nikon SeeCoat Bright brightens your vision in any light conditions. This lens is recommended for people who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception, both at night or dim light conditions!

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  4. 7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses
    7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses


    Oakley has been pushing the limits of the eyewear industry for almost 40 years with professional athletes trusting Oakley glasses and lenses to protect their eyes and give them clear vision when it's needed most to increase their performance. But Oakley glasses and prescription sunglasses are not only suitable for those with an active lifestyle but also offers great benefits in everyday life.
    You may have heard about the most talked about advantages of OTD lenses, which come really h
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  5. Varifocal Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?
    Varifocal Lenses: Which One Is Right For You?

    Do you need to wear varifocal glasses to correct your vision? Perhaps you have been wearing progressive contact lenses and wish to buy optical frames to use as an alternative to your contact lenses.

    With technology, we are able to offer progressive lenses that allow the wearer's eyes to adapt more quickly to the lenses and see better. Technology has also allowed us to specifically tailor the lenses to meet your needs.

    Types Of Varifocal Lenses

    Below are 4 types of progressive lenses you can choose from for your varifocal glasses.

    The Basic/Standard Type
    These lenses are the cheapest

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  6. What Are The Sunglasses Standards?

    All sunglasses must meet the requirements of certain standards. From 1st July 2019, all fashion spectacle suppliers must comply with requirements set out by consumer goods. There are three main standards which were set by the US, Australia and Europe. These standards ensure all sunglasses meet the requirement for UV protection, visible light protection, and even impact

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  7. Glass Vs Plastic Lenses: Which Is Right For You?
    Glass Vs Plastic Lenses: Which Is Right For You?

    You've just gone for your bi-yearly check up at your local opticians and you've been told that you will need to wear glasses.

    With all the different information available online on lens design, lens material etc so you become overwhelmed. In this article we will briefly look at the pros and cons of two lens materials that are used when making glasses and we'll give our verdict on which material we think is best.



    • Mineral glass is highly scratch resistant as it is a very strong lens material.
    • Glass offers excellent optical quality which means you are able to see very clearly with glass lenses when compared to plastic lenses.
    • Glass lenses can be thinner than plastic lenses; thinner lenses are obviously more desirable than thick lenses.


    • Glass shatters on impact which makes it a dangerous material
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  8. How To Read Your Prescription
    How To Read Your Prescription

    Often, prescriptions will be written in a variety of ways that can often be confusing. Here, we will outline how to read your prescription and pick out the parts that are needed when ordering your glasses online.

    What do OS and OD mean?

    Most opticians will write 'left eye' or 'right eye' when writing the prescription for each eye, but the terms 'OS' and 'OD' can also be used. OD is referring to your right eye, and OS is referring to your left eye.

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  9. The Top 5 Lens Coatings For Your Glasses
    The Top 5 Lens Coatings For Your Glasses

    We understand choosing your lens coatings can be a difficult choice as we have several brands to choose from, Nikon, Essilor, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and our own standard package. Although you may think to add a coating is unnecessary, this blog will explain to you why each coating is an important extra protective element added to your lens. Coatings guarantee extra quality, longevity and care to your new luxury eyewear. We want your glasses to suit your lifestyle and have the ultimate protection - two factors adding a coating will cover. Read what our coatings offer, and then follow our step by step check out

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