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luxury eyewear

  1. Limited Edition Exclusive - Bvlgari Gold 18kt Eyewear at Fashion Eyewear
    Limited Edition Exclusive - Bvlgari Gold 18kt Eyewear at Fashion Eyewear

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    Introducing BVLGARI Le Gemme Collection

    Bvlgari, the prestigious luxury brand specialising in high-end jewellery and famous for its bold and glamorous designs have created a collection that is literally jewellery to the face: Le Gemme.

    Bvlgari eyewear is a timeless investment. Their glasses and sunglasses are forged from precious metals and gems.

    The ladies’ line is characterised by the rarefied sophistication and the elegance of gold and diamonds as the symbol of a new minimalism. The Bvlgari BV8123 sunglasses, in

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  2. Dior Mystery 2 Review

    Dior Mystery 2

    If you want to get noticed and make a fashion statement with your sunglasses and not just an afterthought, Dior sunglasses are the perfect choice. The ultra-chic Dior Mystery 2 adds an instant intrigue to your style and the elegance of a Hollywood star.




    Luxury goods company Christian Dior was founded by French designer Christian Dior

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  3. Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235S Review

    Oliver Peoples Casandra OV5235SEstablished in 1986 in Los Angeles, Oliver Peoples is one of the most prestigious eyewear brands in the world. Founder Larry Leight was born and raised in California and studied to become a certified optician.

    Oliver Peoples sunglasses

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