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oakley glasses

  1. Oakley Prescription Sunglasses
    Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley sunglasses have become essential eyewear classics With cycling and running becoming the “new norm” as modes of transport as well as sports in their own right it’s really important to have the right eyewear for them. Oakley is not only a sports brand, but it also brings a community of athletes together. It doesn’t matter what your athletic status is, Oakley, can be worn proudly by amateurs or professionals alike. We also stock Oakley prescription lenses so you can add to your sunglasses or optical glasses. 

    Oakley Gascan

    The Oakley Gascan is known to be one of the most unique pairs of sunglasses in their new range. The Gascan has been designed by professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist who is known not only for his skateboarding but also for his

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  2. Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm
    Oakley sports lenses explained - Oakley Prizm

    Oakley has a large range of lenses and coatings designed specifically for certain sports. Many of them are linked with location, for example, some lenses are best designed for road sports like cycling or motorsports. Some are the best fit for watersports like fishing and some are designed with grass sports in mind like golf or tennis. If you are a professional athlete or a sporting enthusiast who has bought from Oakley for a long time you may know exactly which lenses and coatings suit you and your sport, however, if you're new to the sporting eyewear it may be hard to work out which coating or lens you need to add. 

    If you want more information on Oakley lenses as a whole we recommend you read about their single vision and varifocal lenses on our specialised Oakley page here. Once you are up to speed on the lens type you can come back and read this blog to work out

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  3. Maui Jim VS Oakley
    Maui Jim VS Oakley

    Maui Jim VS Oakley Lenses

    Maui Jim and Oakley are both well-established eyewear brands with a focus on detail and quality. Our latest addition to our Maui Jim collection is their new lenses, Evolution and Brilliant. We now have a wider choice of lens brands that you could choose from, Maui Jim, Oakley, Nikon, Essilor, and our own Fashion Eyewear packages. If you are into sports and need a functional pair of glasses that fit your sporting needs, these two brands are the ones for you to look at it. It is hard to know which brand is the best, however, in this blog we will be looking at our new Maui Jim range VS Oakley lenses.

    So which is the best brand for you?

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  4. The Fashion Eyewear Christmas Gift Guide
    The Fashion Eyewear Christmas Gift Guide

    A Fashion Eyewear Christmas

    Christmas is one week away and I’m sure a lot of us are panicking on what we should buy our loved ones. Well, we can help you and that panic can end. Here is our Christmas gift guide for the whole family, so you can all wear stylish eyewear in the New Year and be the most popular family member on Christmas Day.

    *Be quick! Order by Saturday for Christmas Delivery*

    For your Mum

    Do you struggle to buy for your mum every birthday and Christmas? A new pair of luxury glasses will make you her favourite child. But, when buying sunglasses for someone else, you need to get it right so consider these factors:

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    1. 7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses
      7 Reasons To Choose Oakley True Digital Lenses


      Oakley has been pushing the limits of the eyewear industry for almost 40 years with professional athletes trusting Oakley glasses and lenses to protect their eyes and give them clear vision when it's needed most to increase their performance. But Oakley glasses and prescription sunglasses are not only suitable for those with an active lifestyle but also offers great benefits in everyday life.
      You may have heard about the most talked about advantages of OTD lenses, which come really h
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    2. Oakley Convey Review

      Oakley ConveyCrazy inventor Jim Jannard was not taken seriously by the industry for his imaginative and innovative ideas. His way of thinking is like no other and his revolutionary designs reject conventional ideas which is why they were initially seen as outrageous. Jannard and his design team believe nothing is impossible and seek to push boundaries. Their creativity, originality and use of high quality materials, give them the right to boast as the number one sporting and performance eyewear brand.

      Oakley Convey

      Oakley eyewear is sports-inspired and many sporting

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    3. Oakley Rhinochaser OX3111 In 01 Cement Review

      Oakley OX3111The Oakley brand is the number one choice for performance and sporting eyewear. Their glasses have been proven to help athletes during fitness due to the comfort and visual aid they provide. People, especially sporting professionals, do not wish to be irritated and feel the weight of glasses on their face. Oakley use the finest materials engineered with optical knowledge, that the design team incorporate, so that they are the best. The brand believes that nothing is impossible and strives to always bring the industry something new. They pride themselves that all of their designs are completely their own and everything else that may resemble them is a fake.

      Oakley Rhinochaser

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    4. Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128 Review
      Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128 Review

      Jim Jannard, the creator of the Oakley brand, is famous for believing that nothing is impossible. He redefines products and challenges the limits of the industry’s expectations. Jannard thinks that new ideas require new technologies and that every product to exist can always be improved on. The world is changing every day and people are demanding products to be better both functionally and fashionably. Oakley’s eyewear is number one for performance and sports in the optical industry. Many athletes and sporting professionals wear the brand’s glasses as it consistently helps them with their performances.

      The Oakley Crosslink Switch is a new design and proves Jannard’s beliefs that everything can evolve. This model is insp

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    5. Oakley Crosslink OX8027 In 02 Grey Smoke Review

      Oakley CrosslinkOakley is a famous brand known for specializing in products that enhance performances during sports. Since 1975, the brand is known to seek problems in the world and solve them with innovative inventions, with a touch of style. One of their mottos is that nothing is impossible, that products can always be evolved to function better and look better. Their designs are inspired by looking at the world and sports for inspiration.


      Oakley Crosslink OX8027

      The Oakley Crosslink is a unique masterpiece made to incorporate your style and mood. You

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    6. The Oakley Crosslink OX8027 01 In Satin Black

      Click Here To Buy The Oakley OX8027 01American brand, Oakley has been voted by Fashion Eyewear customers as the number one manufacturer for sports eyewear.

      Thanks to the brand's totally innovative materials and sports technology, customers are able to get the best optical and sports performance out of their Oakley eyewear.

      The Oakley Crosslink is for people who want functional frames that looks as good as it performs. The aesthetic design of the Crosslink is simply awesome. From the rectangle frame shape to the fully-rimmed setting of the frames, the design of the eyewear is simple but very well-crafted. The incredible 'O' matter material allows the frames to be super light but very strong and durable.


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    7. The Oakley Transistor OX3085 22-236 Ducati/Pewter Review

      Oakley TransistorOakley eyewear was launched in the 1980s when Jim Jannard sold ski goggles. He initially started the business in 1975 where he designed products that were innovative and like no other. Jannard questions products that we are accustomed to and wants to improve them so that they provide us with a better experience and also looks more visually appealing. He believes that every product has the room for improvement and can make our lives easier and more comfortable.


      Oakley Transistor

      The Oakley Transistor

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    8. The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint Review

      Click Here To Buy The Oakley CurrencyIf you are looking for advanced sports eyewear, this may be the ideal brand for you.

      Founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, Oakley is now an internationally-recognised brand with high-profile clients such as professional athletes and world-class sportsmen and sportswomen as well as people who are very active. This company creates eyewear that helps to enhance the wearer's sports performance.

      The Oakley Currency OX8026 02 In Flint ReviewThe Oakley Currency is one of the brand's best selling prescription frames. The key benefits of the Currency glasses are durability, flexibility, comfort/fit and design.

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