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philippe starck

  1. Starck SH 3007 Glasses Review
    Starck SH 3007 Glasses Review

    Celebrated designer Philippe Starck infuses immaculate artistry and pioneering styling into every item he produces with his flair for design that has spanned from luggage, clothing and furniture to posh condos and plush hotels across the world. His Starck Eyes collection is, of course, no exception.

    His passion for honed designs and specially crafted materials are reflected in the Starck BioCity eyewear line from which the striking Starck SH 3007 glasses have emerged. These glasses are a form of innovation to be had with their lightweight, slim, full-rim

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  2. Starck PL1014M Biozero Glasses With Biomechanical Hinge
    Starck PL1014M Biozero Glasses With Biomechanical Hinge
    Starck Eyes Philippe Starck
    Acclaimed designer Philippe Starck teamed up with his good friend, eyewear designer and fellow innovator Alain Mikli in 1996 to launch a new eyewear brand under the name of Starck Eyes. The frames of the Starck eyeglasses collection are innovative, revolutionary and totally unconventional, for men and women who are confident, intellectual and want their eyewear to reflect the same. Sporting a pair of Starck PL1014M eyeglasses says a lot about its wearer and how he's a fan of modern design and appreciates technology and how it can improve day-to-day life.
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