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  1. Glass Vs Plastic Lenses: Which Is Right For You?
    Glass Vs Plastic Lenses: Which Is Right For You?

    You've just gone for your bi-yearly check up at your local opticians and you've been told that you will need to wear glasses.

    With all the different information available online on lens design, lens material etc so you become overwhelmed. In this article we will briefly look at the pros and cons of two lens materials that are used when making glasses and we'll give our verdict on which material we think is best.



    • Mineral glass is highly scratch resistant as it is a very strong lens material.
    • Glass offers excellent optical quality which means you are able to see very clearly with glass lenses when compared to plastic lenses.
    • Glass lenses can be thinner than plastic lenses; thinner lenses are obviously more desirable than thick lenses.


    • Glass shatters on impact which makes it a dangerous material
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