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  1. The 7 Frame Shapes For Optical Glasses
    The 7 Frame Shapes For Optical Glasses

    Are you clueless about the types of frame shapes available for optical glasses?

    If so, then carry on reading. This short post will show you the seven frame shapes for optical glasses. There are many different styles and variations of frame shapes you can now find online and on the high street. Take a look at the ones below and see which ones you like.

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  2. Sunglasses Trends For Spring/Summer 2012
    Sunglasses Trends For Spring/Summer 2012

    With London Fashion Week just gone, you might be slightly confused on what the major sunglasses trends are for this Spring/Summer 2012.

    Celebrities have been seen wearing the latest sunglasses trend and more soon will follow. Some of the styles are re-occurring and whilst others are catching on. This post has been put together to give you an insight into the selection of sunglasses which we think will be big trends for these warmer seasons to come.

    Sunglasses Trends For S/S 2012

    Cat Eye Sunglasses
    Some may have seen slight glimpses of the style making its comeback in 2011. Cat eye glasses were even featured in Beyonce's 'Why Don't You Love Me?' video and this year, Rihanna had the same look in her video for 'You Da One'. It's no doubt that we'll all be going cat-crazy for these sunglasses this Summer.

    If you like cat eye sunglasses, you might like the Tom

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