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tag heuer reflex

  1. The Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Review
    The Tag Heuer Reflex 2 Review

    The Tag Heuer Reflex 2

    This is a short review on the Tag Heuer Reflex 2. The Reflex 2 series is the upgrade to the classic Reflex series.

    Not only does it look better, the lines are sleeker and the frame shape is more rectangle than oval. The edgy look of the Reflex 2 would suit those who are daring with lots of individual style and is somewhat rebellious.

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  2. The Tag Heuer Reflex Review
    The Tag Heuer Reflex Review

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    This is a short review of the impressive Tag Heuer Reflex. There are 12 different models in the Reflex series; models in the series come in rimless, semi-rimless or fully rimmed styles.

    This means that there is definitely a frame in the series to will suit your taste. This review will look specifically at the 3110 model; looking at the design, colour availability and how it differs from other designer eyewear on the market.

    The Tag Heuer Reflex (3110 model) is made using beta-titanium frames. Titanium's best property is its weight, being super light makes these frames comfortable to wear and not sit heavy on the face. The 3110

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