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  1. Student Discounts
    Student Discounts

    With our student specific codes: STUDENT15 for 15% off sunglasses and STUDENT40 for 40% off prescription lenses, you can find your perfect frame and lenses for an amazing price!

    Fashion Eyewear is excited to be able to offer students 15% off a huge range of sunglasses when you spend over £120/€120/$156/A$216! With this discount you will be able to redeem 10% off amazing brands such as Tom Ford, Prada, Fendi, Oliver Peoples and many more, making the luxury you deserve that much more affordable!

    Shop Tom Ford

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    Fashion Eyewear is launching its Black Friday Sale - the biggest and best yet!

    Shop Black Friday sunglasses and prescription glasses.


    Fashion Eyewear is running it’s biggest and best Black Friday sale this year. Don't miss out on some incredible Black Friday offers on our luxury range of prescription designer glasses and sunglasses. Just a few of the many brands that we are offering at amazing discounts of up to 80% off include Ray-Ban, Chanel, Oakley, Oliver Peoples and many more!!

    Receive exclusive first access to Black Friday prescription glasses and sunglasses.

    If you want exclusive early access to all the best and latest deals from Fashion Eyewear, sign up to our text messaging service to receive instant access to the latest offers.

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  3. Autumn/Winter 2021 Eyewear trends
    Autumn/Winter 2021 Eyewear trends

    Autumn is fast approaching but don’t make the mistake of thinking eyewear is only a summer accessory. Winter sun is real and sunglasses are not only a necessity for your eye health, but they also make your winter attire pop too! 

    Now that the world is slowly but surely returning to normal and leaving the house will be a thing this year we can start to think of our winter wardrobes, so what should we be looking out for when it comes to accessories? 

    Trends to watch:

    Protective Shades

    Builders may come to mind when you first see ‘protective shades’ and although we aren’t all wearing a high-vis this winter, we have taken inspiration from their protective eyewear. From th

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  4. Tom Ford Eyewear
    Tom Ford Eyewear

    Tom Ford Blog

    Our new collection of Tom Ford for Summer21 is now live, but before shopping our new range, here is a little history behind one of the most highly respected designers of eyewear. 

    About Tom Ford 

    Tom Ford has always been a pioneer in the fashion industry - famous for turning  Gucci into a billion-dollar brand and starting his own fashion house. 

    Born in Texas, Tom Ford attended New York University majoring in art history, he then studied architecture at Parsons. Tom Ford then went on to lead an impressive range of luxury fashion houses from Chloe, Perry Ellis, Gucci, and now Tom Ford.


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  5. Get the Wimbledon Look at Fashion Eyewear
    Get the Wimbledon Look at Fashion Eyewear

    Wimbledon along with many other sports have finally returned this year and we are enjoying seeing people enjoy watching sports together, whether that be the euros or tennis! This is not the only element we are observing, the style at Wimbledon is always impeccable, and spotting the latest Fashion Eyewear is a must.

    To celebrate the sophisticated sartorial style Wimbledon attracts, we have delved back to look at our favourite celebrity Wimbledon looks so you can recreate it for 2021. 


    Tom Cruise 

    Follow Tom Cruise’s Wimbledon style in aviators complemented by dark lenses. 

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  6. sunglasses trends
    7 sunglasses trends you need this summer

    7 eyewear trends you need for summer 2021

    So it looks like we are going to have a summer, after all, travel doors are starting to re-open, thank goodness, considering English weather is letting us down once again. With or without blazing heat, the sun has been out and that’s all we need so we can wear killer summer sunglasses. As usual, we have all the latest eyewear trends stocked for this summer from your favourites designers, from Gucci, Dior, Oliver Peoples and a new summer addition Balmain. 


    Buying staple sunglasses which can be worn yearly and go with every outfit are always important, but being in style for the season is a factor to consider when making your summer purchase.


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  7. Clean your glasses in style with Fingerprints London
    Clean your glasses in style with Fingerprints London

    Clean your glasses in style with Fingerprints London

    Grubby fingerprints on lenses are inevitable. Glasses are constantly being touched, dropped moved from your face to the bottom of your bag, so they easily gather dust, dirt and fingerprints.

    Looking after your glasses is important, they aren’t a fad that you throw away every season, you want your glasses to last a lifetime, and that will only happen with some TLC. We have you covered at Fashion Eyewear with our new brand FINGERPRINTS, sleeves and paper towels are no longer needed (and aren’t good for your lenses) instead you can clean your glasses in style with our luxury cleaning solution and a microfibre cleaning cloth. 

    Lenses are extremely delicate, even when you add all the protective coatings, dust and

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  8. Father's Day Gift Guide
    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Fashion Eyewear’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

    This weekend is Father’s Day, you may be panicking that you have left it too late, but don’t worry, next-day delivery is available and we have plenty of eyewear for you to choose from no matter what brand or style your dad likes. 

    If you are struggling for a brand to shop for we have our favorite men's brands for you to browse on below: 

    Hugo Boss

    Hugo Boss - a dad classic! The brand has been around for many years known for its smart tailoring and sharp eyewear. Shop our Father’s Day favourites below: 


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  9. Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses
    Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses

    Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses


    It is finally June and summer has arrived. With summer comes the sun and although it is great to finally see the sun again, it can make normal day-to-day tasks a little harder, like driving or cycling to work! Nobody wants to be swapping from sunglasses to glasses all day. Even more annoying when you can’t quite get the hang of contact lenses. We at Fashion Eyewear, however, have the perfect hack for you, so you can enjoy the sun, stress-free, and of course no style compromise. 

    Shop our vast range of designer sunglasses and simply add your prescription lenses, we have varifocal and single vision lenses available so we can personalise your designer sunglasses easily. 


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  10. Earth Day with Polaroid Eyewear
    Earth Day with Polaroid Eyewear

    Fashion Eyewear Celebrates Earth Day

    What is Earth day?

    Since 1970 the 22nd of April has been marked as Earth Day. This year, the organisers of Earth Day are calling for three days of climate action from the 20th of April to the 22nd of April, but often people mark the full week as a time to talk about the environment and the issues we face. 

    The first Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson in 1970 Nelson to highlight the importance of clean air and water in California. This attracted 20 million people to take the streets in solidarity with environmental issues. 


    What is Earth Day 2021 about?

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  11. Jumbo Shrimp glasses
    New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

    New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

    We have a new brand at Fashion Eyewear! Jumbo Shrimp has just launched ready for summer 2021. If you want stylish blue light glasses or the ultimate clip-on duo for in and out of the office, for an affordable price, you will love this new addition to Fashion Eyewear. 

    Jumbo Shrimp are on a mission to make high-quality specs that you can combine with your prescription lenses at Fashion Eyewear. Their unique selection help you stand out from the crowd without compromising quality and your bank account! 

    Ready-made blue light Jumbo Shrimp glasses will also be available to buy with or without prescription lenses added. Wearing blue light glasses, even if you don’t need prescription eyewear is crucial if you work on digital screens a

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  12. Gotti Glasses as seen on Oprah in Harry and Meghan Interview!
    Gotti Glasses as seen on Oprah in Harry and Meghan Interview!



    We introduce to you, the star of the Prince Harry and Meghan interview: Oprah’s glasses.

    Oprah is wearing the Götti Perspective OR02 bold, in sand, sold online exclusively at Fashion Eyewear.

    Götti glasses combine the highest level of refined design, traditional craftsmanship, and technical innovation. An unmistakable expression of confident style and quality with a Swiss touch.


    Shop the frame here

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