Bvlgari 2111B | BV 2111B

Bvlgari 2111B | BV 2111B

Bvlgari was started by Sotirios Voulgaris, a jeweller from Epirus, Greece. His name translated into Italian is Sotirio Bulgari.

He started his first jewellery store in his hometown. He decided he wanted to travel to expand his business, so in 1877 he left for Corfu.

From there he travelled to Naples before eventually settling in Rome seven years after he first set off. This is where Sotirio eventually founded his second shop, and the start of what was to become the Bvlgari brand. The current flagship store resides in Rome also, and was opened in 1905 by Bulgari and his two sons, Constantino and Giorgio. The shop sold unique jewellery designed with both Roman and Greek influences, which attracted wealthy residents of Rome, as well as wealthy British and American travellers. During the 1970s the company opened shops outside of Italy for the first time, cementing their global accepting. Locations included Paris, Monte Carlo and New York.

Today, Bvlgari has almost 300 shops throughout the globe. In the mid 80s, Sotirio’s heirs, his two grandsons, became the chairman and vice-chairman, with their nephew, Francesco Trapani, being named CEO. Trapani was the one who decided to diversify the company into producing other wears. The first sign of this was the release of the Bvlgari perfume line. Under the control of Trapani, the company became known as a luxury goods retailer and not just as a jewellers. The Bvlgari 2111B | BV 2111B are a best seller from Bvlgari. Small and pretty chain detailing at the temples contrasts with the thin and understated frame. The earsocks shade contrasts with the frame, for example, the ‘pink gold’ frame has white temple stems and the gold frame has black temple stems.

Several lenses can be fitted into these frames, all of which can be coated to different effects. The lens thickness can be chosen, with the thinner the lens meaning a less bulky look and also strength. For those that require a high prescription the thinnest lens is recommended, they can look overly thick otherwise. Anti glare and scratch resistant coatings are almost industry standard now and are advised for everyone purchasing lenses no matter what the reason. Further options are dust proofing and adding a smudge resistant coating which are valuable to many.