Chanel 2167Q | CH2167Q

Chanel 2167Q | CH2167Q

Chanel is the world's leading fashion house, started by Coco Chanel in 1909.

Chanel learned her trade as a seamstress whilst growing up in an orphanage. She left at age 18, as required, and worked in a tailoring shop but also as a cabaret singer. Whilst singing in a club she met a rich gentleman, whom she began an affair with. It was this man that persuaded her to open her own shop and funded her. She first started as a milliner, but soon expanded into cruisewear clothing. The clothing she designed was a huge success amongst the rich, and Chanel became a well known figure in the fashion world.

Upon the arrival of World War II, Chanel stopped producing clothing and shut her shops, as she said "war is no time for fashion". The 1950s was when Chanel returned to fashion, this time with a whole new modern look. Chanel designed several ranges other than her cruise collection; pret-a-porter; haute couture; jewellery and perfume. Everything was a huge success, and Chanel became one of the world's leading fashion houses, a position it still has today.

The Chanel CH2167Q | CH2167Q are one of the top selling prescription glasses from Chanel. These glasses are semi-rimless, giving a very simple, understated look. The arms are as thin as can be, though have chain detailing synonymous with Chanel. These give a classic look for those who want 'barely there' glasses rather than bold and obvious. Being semi-rimless means these glasses do not obscure a downwards view, especially good for reading. The most popular colour in this model is pale gold, which is a neutral shade that flatters almost all skin tones, from fair to olive to Nubian, and everything in between.

Not all lenses are suitable to be fitted to this model. Single vision, varifocals and bifocals are all available. However, different lens thicknesses are available and rimless and semi-rimless frames (such as this one) require a stronger lens, so the thinner options are highly advised as a standard thickness lens may crack under the uneven pressure. Lens coatings include anti-scratch and anti-glare, which are recommended to everybody, but other premium coatings such as water and dust repellence and smudge resistance are also available.