Chanel 3131 | CH3131

Chanel 3131 | CH3131

Chanel is the luxury brand coveted by women across the globe.

Started in 1909 by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, the first Chanel shop only sold hats. Chanel first started as a milliner, before entering the world of clothing design by opening a second shop.

This shop sold 'cruise wear', relaxed clothing to be worn on yachts and the beach - aimed at the rich. This was a huge success, and it was not long before Chanel was considered and international couturier, most famous for making beaded dresses and three piece suits for women. This new relaxed and comfortable style of clothing revolutionised fashion as previously women wore uncomfortable and restrictive items such as corsets. Today, Chanel has grown to be one of the world's most famous brands, synonymous with luxury and elegance.

The Chanel 3131 | CH3131 model of prescription glasses are one of the best sellers in the Chanel range. The shape is rectangular but soft, making these a very feminine pair of glasses. The arms are soft and curved, being slightly thick. Upon each of the arms at the temples rests a small flower like design, with the instantly recognisable and iconic Chanel 'double C' logo in the middle of this design. It's clear to see what brand these are. The most popular colour in this model is the black on beige. This is a black front, with beige arms, black detailing on the inside of the arms but also beige just behind the front and on the nose pads, lifting these glasses up. Because of the two tones, most skin tones will suit this colour, hence its popularity.

Different lenses are available to be fitted to this model, including single vision, varifocals and bifocals. The lenses can be ordered in a number of thicknesses, with the thinner options recommended to those with high prescriptions. This not only looks more attractive, as a thick lens can look bulky, but thinner lenses are actually more comfortable to wear as they have less weight to them. Suited to those who wear glasses on a regular, all-day basis. Lens coatings can be applied to differing effects.