Our New DITA 2020 Collection is going live today ready for you to buy. The collection has 17 new frames added, some are completely new styles, some existing models reworked for 2020 trends and colour palettes. Here are our top picks from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection:


DITA is a luxury brand, which employs the best team of designers and optical developers to make sure your frames aren't just luxury but include the most advanced lens technology. It takes months and months of research and work to design a DITA Frame, although you can't see that hard work you can feel the work and quality when holding a pair of DITA frames. This is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury eyewear brands are judged. 

Founded in 1995, DITA reinvented eyewear by transcending its conventions, creating bold, timeless, luxurious frames with innovative lens technology. Twenty-five years later and the brand has the highest levels of design and manufacturing  - it’s a true leader in optical innovation. With their fabulous reputation, DITA has served the world’s discerning clientele, forming relationships within culture, style, sports and entertainment; affirming the brand’s position as the product it creates. 


Some of your favourite DITA classics have been redesigned for this year:


Originally inspired by the 1930's Hollywood scene, the STATESMAN-SEVEN celebrates the golden age of creativity, contention and timeless iconic styling. The STATESMAN-SEVEN is the most recent version of the statesman model to be brought out for 2020. The STATESMAN is one of DITAS most popular models, helped put DITA on the map due to its subtle experimentation with weight and materials. The STATESMAN is designed with an acetate brow line, titanium frame and Ditas unique hex screw hinges, all made in Japan. 


An extension of the MACH-SERIES is the MACH-SEVEN, injecting new life into DITAS celebrated aviator model. Inspired by the high-octane world of motor racing and vehicle design the Mach Series is made with an Acetate lens frame, dual brow bar with contrast finish and custom titanium nose pads. 


The DITA FlIGHT series reflects the daring swagger of fighter pilots, who became a style inspiration in post-war years. The DITA FLIGHT aviator frame is seen as a tribute to the pilots and their bravery throughout the war. FLIGHT 008 is the latest tribute constructed with the most luxurious modern materials to create a sleek modern frame. 


DITA has a range of new innovative designs out for 2020: 


An elegant, feminine frame has been added to the 2020 collection, the FITCA. This is a more subtle construction to the frame’s sister DITA Showgoer frame, which has evolved into a more gentle, round shape. The design features for this frame include beautifully polished slender titanium inlay along with brow and custom wire core creating a beautiful sophisticated silhouette. 


Another new release is the classic, round frame which is ahead to be a big 2020 trend. DITA has modernised this frame with high-end construction. The titanium outer frame is enhanced to create a luxury design with pressed line detail and integrated bridge piece. A must for this year. 


Another on-trend silhouette for 2020 is the cat-eye. The STARSPANN is an iconic all-titanium women's style which pushes the modern boundaries. Designed with a reverse semi-rimless frame, the STARSPANN is constructed with a floating one-piece bridge, dual colour titanium temple tip and an anti-reflective coating.


Inspired by 1980's eyewear, the REDEEMER is a small modern cat-eye with a bold angular attitude and sculpted acetate frame, combined with subtle architectural details. This high-crafted REDEEMER is designed in the most luxurious acetate and DITAS unique hex screws for strength and durability. 

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