Oakley Evade OX5031 22-172 In Matte Black Review

Oakley EvadeThe Oakley brand redefines products by redefining what is physically possible. Oakley believes that nothing is impossible and that new ideas will always demand new technology. Their designers look at the world for inspiration and think of ways in which products can benefit us as well as look aesthetically pleasing. They successfully formulate physics to the level of art. Their products are known all over the world for being the best to serve professional athletes with their original creations but also be able to serve everyone in their everyday lives.


Oakley Evade

The Oakley Evade glasses are currently a best-selling model for the brand. It effortlessly portrays how OX5031science and art comes together with the combination of performance and style. The glasses are inspired from fighter jets and shows how aerodynamic architecture can be turned into art. The athletic frame which has been made to assist during performance is also perfect for day-to-day wear and lifestyle.

The Oakley OX5031 eyewear is a rimless frame and Evadevery modern in style. The titanium alloy temples are ultra-lightweight which is perfect for comfort and practical. They have a secure fit due to the use of spring hinges. Oakley’s unique three point fit holds the lenses in precise optical alignment. For extra comfort there are Unobtainium ear socks on the temples for improved grip with sweat.

The Evade glasses come in three different colours but the matte black is the most popular due to its classic and sophisticated appearance. The fact there is no frame means there is nothing to block your view so you have the perfect vision. The brand boasts to use Taper Lock Drill mount rimless technology which means they are original and durable. This model has a two tone finish and the famous ‘O’ logo is placed stylishly on the arms. These glasses are masculine and cutting edge in fashion but also professional with the simple design. Oakley always manages to successfully bring us something new and exciting and it is easy to see why they are the number one brand for sports and performance eyewear.

Follow the link to see more of the Oakley Evade OX5031, https://www.fashioneyewear.co.uk/oakley-evade-ox5031-22-172-matte-black.html

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