The best sporting brands to shop at Fashion Eyewear

Prada Sport 

Prada Sport is a hugely powerful part of the Prada brand. Each of the Prada Sport frames holds the distinctive red line logo, some hold the Prada Linea Rossa logo. The collection has strong, lightweight and functional features combined with Prada luxury and glamour. If you take pride in staying active as well as looking fashionable Prada Sport is for you. There are attractive models for both men and women, designed with two ‘F’s” in mind Fashion and Functionality. No matter which sport you will play, you’ll play it in confidence and style with Prada Sport, frames designed with active lifestyles in mind. 

Most of the Prada Sport Sunglasses are wraps and shields which wrap around the side of your face. This provides extra security during high motion activities and also helps to prevent debris from affecting your vision or causing irritation while on the move. 

Prada Sport lenses are designed to reduce glare and in some cases enhance visual acuity. For sports that need high levels of hand/eye co-ordination and clear vision while outside, such as tennis, this brand will help you achieve your best performance. Prada Sport is for people who want to be dedicated to their active lifestyle without sacrificing their personal style. 


Dita Lancier is taking innovative steps towards moving towards performance-enhanced lenses beyond the range of UV and glare protection. The new DITA-Lancier collection combines a range of qualities for every sportsman - lightweight, impact-resistant, optical clarity, scratch-resistant. Each DITA-Lancier lens can be adapted to your personal prescription as well as specialised colour enhancements. 

Dita Lancier is perfect for driving, running and cycling, with a new range of advanced lenses for the land, sea and air. The DITA land lens dramatically reduces blinding glare with polarised technology which eliminates reflected surface glare without sacrificing contrast on and around open water. 


Play your best with Nike Vision. Nike has been revolutionary in sports performance with footwear, sportswear and now eyewear. Nike Vision eyewear helps athletes have the best possible clarity of vision while performing their sports.. Whether you are a top-flight athlete or just someone who likes recreational sports for fun Nike Vision will make sure that you aren’t held back by poor vision. Nike Vision has been developed for every category of sport so you can shop the best pair of performance glasses or sunglasses for your chosen sport.


Lacoste Eyewear is inspired by its sports design legacy, the frames include vibrant colours, unique Lacoste detailing in striping and piping as well as their recognisable croc logo. Lacoste eyewear has a combination of sports, fashion and sophisticated business frames. Using the latest optical technologies, Lacoste eyewear can accommodate any of your prescription needs. Whichever sport you are playing in the sun will be made easier, no need for switching with two pairs of glasses, or wearing contact lenses with your sunglasses. 


One of the biggest sporting brands worldwide - Adidas. We couldn’t have a sports sunglasses collection without this brand. All models in the Adidas sunglasses collection are designed to deliver excellence in protecting your eyes while out on the sporting field, combined with protecting your eyes from UV rays and weather hindering elements such as dust, wind and snow. This collection is extremely durable and has coatings to deliver the highest quality, scratch-resistant lenses. The frames are robust, stretchy and lightweight built for sportspeople in all types of sports. You will have practical frames which are easy to wear, optimise performance and remain in style! 


All athletes and sports enthusiasts will know the Oakley brand. If you don’t, this may be one of your new favourite sunglasses on and off the sports field. Oakley was established in 1975 and acquired in 2007 by the Luxottica group. Oakley is one of the leading product design and sports performance brands worldwide. We stock both their sports frames and lenses so you can combine your prescription with athlete performance frames so you can have excellent vision and eye protection when while playing your chosen sport. Oakley has specific lenses for specialised sports such as fishing, cycling and water sports. You can read about which coating and Oakley lenses are best for you here. 

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