The Latest Chanel Glasses CollectionChanel is a brand that never seems to get it wrong. The sunglasses and optical frames are always designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself before they are sent off for production in Italy at the brand's manufacturing warehouse.

Produced from the finest acetate that is derived from cotton flowers and crafted by the most highly skilled artisans of Italy; the quality of the brand can be seen significantly in the detailing of their eyewear.

Chanel Glasses

The Latest Chanel Glasses Collection

The brand has just released their latest eyewear collections; Smart Leather, Gentle Metal, and Dandy Ribbon. Both Gentle Metal and Smart Leather offer sunglasses in their collection. The Dandy Ribbon collection is only available in the optical collection.

The Latest Chanel Glasses Collection

Smart Leather
If you are a fan of the equestrian look, you will love the Smart Leather collection. Slightly preppy yet very traditional, the elegant signature style of Chanel is evident here. Whether you opt for cat-eye, classic rectangle, or slightly oval-rectangle; the subtle calf-skin leather and the CC logo helps to create a beautiful and elegant look.

The Latest Chanel Glasses Collection

Gentle Metal
For that masculine appeal, opt for Gentle Metal. It is the only unisex range launched by the brand. If you're look for matching 'His & Hers' eyewear for you and your partner, pick this model. The stylish metal tips and graphic frame shape has edgy urban look. The frames are available with thin and thick acetate frames, or metal aviator styles.

The Latest Chanel Glasses Collection

Dandy Ribbon
For a more whimsical, romantic look go for the Dandy Ribbon collection. It's delicate, pretty and ultra feminine. Available in standard colours as well as pretty pastel shades like Parma lavender. If you have a petite face or a low bridge, the Dandy Ribbon collection is perfect for you as it caters to smaller facial proportions.

Are Chanel glasses right for you?

Over 40% of all the Chanel frames can be adapted to correct single vision and varifocal vision so you don't have to worry. If you do have any queries about which frame is right for you and your prescription, you will need to speak to your optician. They will be able to help you pick out a pair that takes into account your facial features and most importantly, your personal style.

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