Oakley Crosslink Review


This is the review of the best selling Oakley prescription frame.

In this short post, we will be taking a look at the specifics of the frame i.e. design and functionality. If you're a massive fan of Oakley sunglasses then it's possible that you may also be on the hunt for glasses, especially if you wear prescription lenses.

This brand is internationally recognised for its sports eyewear. It was started in the back garage of Jim Jannard, the founder of Oakley. He wanted to create innovative products that were functional, advanced, and aesthetically beautiful. His designs always combine science, art and performance to deliver the best performance-optimizing eyewear available on the market.

The Oakley Crosslink arms are always distinctive, they give the eyewear that 'wow' factor. The trademark 'O' can be seen in the middle of the frame arms. The glasses are extremely light-weight thanks to the special frame material. Oakley has designed this frame to be extremely comfortable so you can wear them all day long and for any occasion. The simple understated look of the model allows you to experiment with different styles without affecting your look.

The temple stems and nose pads of the Crosslink are coated with the brand's special 'Unobtanium' material which helps the frame to grip firmly to the face and head. The specific locations of the grips from the Oakley 3-point fit which ensures that your eyewear will not slip off when you sweat. If you participate in a lot of sports activities or your job requires you to be very active, why should you settle for eyewear that can't live up to your performance levels?

You need functional eyewear that can correct your vision, feel comfortable to wear, as well as look good. This is why these Crosslink spectacles are right for you. Thousands of people buy the brand's eyewear not because it's a fancy luxury designer brand. Everywhere people are buying Oakley prescription eyewear because they are functional, practical, comfortable and innovative in terms of design and sports technology.


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