Treat yourself on Singles’ Day!

Remember, remember the 11th of November, for on this enlightening day singles everywhere learned to love themselves – and there really is no better way to show your-self a little love than by going on a shopping spree… amen to that.

If you have already heard of Singles’ Day, you will know what a big deal it has become, if not, then look no further, because we will now bring all of you singletons out there up to speed on what, in some realms, is considered to be a bigger and better seasonal event than Black Friday.

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The Low Down on Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day is a holiday that began in China in 1990 as an anti-Valentine’s Day. On this day, students across China began to celebrate being single and ‘loving one’s self’. After all, as a great Buddha once said:

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.”

Another interesting fact is that Singles’ Day falls on the 11th day of the 11th month because of how this looks numerically (11.11).  China has therefore nicknamed this holiday ‘bare sticks holiday.’

In this part of the hemisphere, empowered singletons made this occasion the world’s largest online shopping day of the entire year. To put this fact into perspective and ground it with some statistics, in 2015 on Singles Day, Chinese consumers spent a whopping £6bn online in just 24hours – the singles of the world turned into proud self-loving consumers and for good reason…

Why embrace Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day is a day to flaunt your independence and appreciate yourself. It is a day to treat yourself to those pair of shoes, or better still, designer sunglasses that you didn’t believe you deserved.

On Valentine’s Day, people show appreciation for their loved ones by doing something thoughtful, or by purchasing a thoughtful gift. For yourself on Singles’ Day, the same applies, and so indulging and giving yourself gifts that you know you deserve is a great way of showing yourself love and appreciation

Treat yourself to designer eyewear this Singles’ Day

Let’s face it – there is no better fashion staple to possess, a fashion staple that has the power to instantly transform any look, than a pair of designer sunglasses or eyeglasses. Designer eyewear has the power to wow, to stand out and look fierce, and to make you feel as if you have been transported into the land of all things divinely luxurious.

If you have been neglecting yourself a little as of late, and have not yet taken the plunge and treated yourself to those pair of designer specs or sunnies you’ve had your eye on, then Singles’ Day is the time to act.

Love thy neighbour, but never forget to love yourself – the latter is what makes Singles’ Day so worthy of our acknowledgement. Shop your designer glasses and sunglasses with 11% off using code SINGLES11 here!

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