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  1. sunglasses trends
    7 sunglasses trends you need this summer

    7 eyewear trends you need for summer 2021

    So it looks like we are going to have a summer, after all, travel doors are starting to re-open, thank goodness, considering English weather is letting us down once again. With or without blazing heat, the sun has been out and that’s all we need so we can wear killer summer sunglasses. As usual, we have all the latest eyewear trends stocked for this summer from your favourites designers, from Gucci, Dior, Oliver Peoples and a new summer addition Balmain. 


    Buying staple sunglasses which can be worn yearly and go with every outfit are always important, but being in style for the season is a factor to consider when making your summer purchase.


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  2. Father's Day Gift Guide
    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Fashion Eyewear’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

    This weekend is Father’s Day, you may be panicking that you have left it too late, but don’t worry, next-day delivery is available and we have plenty of eyewear for you to choose from no matter what brand or style your dad likes. 

    If you are struggling for a brand to shop for we have our favorite men's brands for you to browse on below: 

    Hugo Boss

    Hugo Boss - a dad classic! The brand has been around for many years known for its smart tailoring and sharp eyewear. Shop our Father’s Day favourites below: 


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  3. The Mother's Day Gift Guide
    The Mother's Day Gift Guide

    The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching for the UK, and for some reason, we have to be different and celebrate on a different date to the rest of the world. You may be reading this with slight panic as you now realise you have nothing planned for your Mother’s Day present, but don’t worry, occasions are easily missed this year and we have your gifts sorted!

     This year may be harder for some of us too, with the lockdown still in place, so maybe an extra special gift will help make up for the distance! We have put together some of our favourite frames for mother’s all over the country, whether your mother is super stylish, sophisticated or sporty - we have her eyewear style covered. 


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  4. Bold glasses for zoom calls
    Bold Glasses For Zoom Calls



    For most of us, the words Zoom, Meets or Teams have become an all too familiar addition to our daily vocabulary. For most of us are working from home,  where we spend most of our time - hanging out on video calls with dodgy wi-fi and struggling to hear what everyone is saying.  As working from home is now the new normal for many of us, so is loungewear, messy buns and no makeup, but I think we can agree, we are all getting sick of looking the same every day. 


    Here are a few tips on how to look like you have made an effort while working from home:

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  5. 5 Sunglasses’ trends to watch out for this winter
    5 Sunglasses’ trends to watch out for this winter

    Winter is fast approaching - for some of you it has arrived already -  but sunglasses still remain an essential fashion accessory. A practical one at that, your eyes still need protection from that winter sun! Adding the right pair of sunglasses to your winter styling can transform your look. Whether you are going Christmas shopping in style or out for a winter stroll you need to look the part. You might love a timeless classic or a frame which screams 2020 styling, so we have all the top designer eyewear for you to shop from. You might get some Christmas present ideas too!

    Eyewear with Accessories 

    Have you seen the latest eyewear chains and ‘earings’ which are the perfect eyewear accessory? They are the best way to make a statement this season. The top brand to shop for this look is the Gucci AW20 collection. You can wear the eyewear chains in three ways: end

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  6. Iconic Fashion Sunglasses and Glasses
    Iconic Fashion Sunglasses and Glasses

    What are the most iconic fashion glasses and sunglasses of 2020? Our in-house styling team has put together the most iconic frames for this year, the most iconic frames you simply must buy to be on-trend. We have a large range of new innovative styles for both males, female and unisex styles that the whole family will love. You can shop minimalistic trends, glamorous, fashion-forward, cat-walk pieces and classics all in one place, simply scroll down and shop below our iconic collection of sunglasses and glasses.


    We can start with Gucci. For the last few years, Gucci has been one of the leading fashion brands, not only in eyewear but leading the fashion industry as

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  7. Everything you need to know about Maui Jim.
    Everything you need to know about Maui Jim.

    How Maui Jim Began 

    Maui Jim started in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Spotting a new emerging market for a technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while keeping the true colours of the island of Hawaii, Maui Jim engineered the revolutionary PolarisedPlus2 lens. This lens is incorporated into seven new sunglasses styles in the classic collection. Maui Jim now has an overall product range of 125 styles of sunglasses, 100% of which are polarised and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. We are proud to be a certified retailer of this brand not only because they sell high-quality products but because of their brand ideologies. 

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    We might be biased, but eyewear is the ultimate statement accessory that you must invest in if you class yourself as a fashion addict. A pair of glasses can transform an outfit, making a simple jeans and top look effortlessly in style by adding a pair of statement shades. 

    There are a number of quirky trends out for this year, a few you will have seen before and some new styling which you wouldn’t have believed last year you’d want to follow. We have you covered though, so whatever trend you are loving this year you can shop at Fashion Eyewear.


    A style which never goes out of fashion, not just for 2020. There is always the classic Ray-Ban aviator which is a

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  9. Why Shop Chloe Eyewear?
    Why Shop Chloe Eyewear?

    The History of Chloe 

    French Fashion house Chloe was originally founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. This leading luxury brand has remained at the top of the fashion hierarchy since it was first created. Gaby Aghion combined modern femininity and boho chic in an innovative Parisian style.  

    Born in 1921, Gaby Aghion moved to Paris in 1945, bringing luxury ready-to- wear with her. Ready-to-wear wasn’t available in the 1950’s, instead the rich bought new clothes from haute couture tailors and th

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  10. The Best Sunglasses spotted at Fashion Week 2020.
    The Best Sunglasses spotted at Fashion Week 2020.

    It's that time of year again - Fashion Week! We have been keeping our eye out for all the looks so far, including Copenhagen, London and New York with Paris and Milan still to come. So far, we have loved spotting our favourite frame styles worn amongst the highest fashion leaders in the industry.

    We have seen a mixture of looks from colour-popping co-ords, subtle neutrals to bold florals all finished with the perfect accessory - fashion eyewear.

    Scroll down to shop the fashion week street style and see how you can create the look at Fashion Eyewear.


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  11. The Best Glasses To Wear For A Formal Event - Fashion Eyewear
    The Best Glasses To Wear For A Formal Event - Fashion Eyewear

    Do you have a formal work event coming up and you want to look your best while pulling off wearing glasses? Maybe contacts aren’t for you and you can’t live without your specs, but don’t worry we have just the glasses for you to help pull off your A-lister look. 

    Everyone has this issue from businessmen to celebrities with a red carpet appearance. But we stock over 45 designer eyewear brands, which each hold a wide range of frames which differ in size, shape, colourway and material, so there is bound to be a pair that go with your eveningwear attire. 

    We have selected our top brands with bestselling frames to help narrow down your search.

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  12. Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear
    Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

    Geek Chic

    So many of us need optical frames for the obvious, practical reason - to see better. However, fashion enthusiasts among us purely wear frames to be on-trend. A trend which is always trickling in and out of fashion is geek chic which leans heavily on glasses for its impact.  Many glasses shapes are considered ‘geeky’ and our favourite influencers have made being a geek fashionable. Justin Timberlake is one actor who often represents the geek chic styling, along with Matt Smith and Alexa Chung. So in the eyewear industry, geek chic has become a timeless trend, which makes spending money on a luxury pair of specs more worthwhile as you’ll able to wear the same pair of glasses season after season. 

    Picking a frame style which suits you is always important. Luckily the geek chic look can be achieve

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