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  1. Mothers Day Gift Guide
    Mothers Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 22nd March.  We may have just reminded you now or you may have been stressing thinking of a gift idea. Don’t worry, we have put together a gift guide with inspiration from our favourite fashion bloggers of all ages, highlighting the brands they shop. We have over 45 luxury brands for you to shop from in a large range of styles, sizes, shapes and colourways, so there is bound to be a frame your mum will love. You might choose to play it safe in black or tortoiseshell or go for something a little bit more quirky. So which brands come out top with our favourite bloggers?


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    We might be biased, but eyewear is the ultimate statement accessory that you must invest in if you class yourself as a fashion addict. A pair of glasses can transform an outfit, making a simple jeans and top look effortlessly in style by adding a pair of statement shades. 

    There are a number of quirky trends out for this year, a few you will have seen before and some new styling which you wouldn’t have believed last year you’d want to follow. We have you covered though, so whatever trend you are loving this year you can shop at Fashion Eyewear.


    A style which never goes out of fashion, not just for 2020. There is always the classic Ray-Ban aviator which is a staple you can rely on, or you can try an innovative 2020 shape. The aviator is b

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  3. Why Shop Chloe Eyewear?
    Why Shop Chloe Eyewear?

    The History of Chloe 

    French Fashion house Chloe was originally founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. This leading luxury brand has remained at the top of the fashion hierarchy since it was first created. Gaby Aghion combined modern femininity and boho chic in an innovative Parisian style.  

    Born in 1921, Gaby Aghion moved to Paris in 1945, bringing luxury ready-to- wear with her. Ready-to-wear wasn’t available in the 1950’s, instead the rich bought new clothes from haute couture tailors and the less wealthy had local seamstresses to copy the luxury trends. Gaby Aghion brough

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  4. The New Face of Vogue Eyewear - Millie Bobby Brown
    The New Face of Vogue Eyewear - Millie Bobby Brown

    #MBBXVogueEyewear #letsVogue

    At just 15 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has already been the face of some of the biggest names in fashion. Now her latest campaign is for one of our leading brands, Vogue Eyewear. Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame when she starred in Netflix Drama Stranger Things but outside of her acting career, she has become a young

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  5. Best Sunglasses For Driving
    Best Sunglasses For Driving

    To reduce glare on the roads, wear sunglasses and you will find driving from A-B much easier, squint-free! From a summers day to a winters morning the sun’s blinding glare can cause dangerous driving conditions. This glare is often reflected off snow, puddles, your bonnet or the car in front as well as directly hindering your vision and often blamed for car accidents. However, these accidents can be easily prevented!

    Don’t just go for your favourite fashion brand, an on-trend design or the cheapest pair. There are a few factors you need to consider when buying sunglasses! Specifically for driving to make sure you have the most suitable, safest pair:

    • Do the lenses cover your eyes fully to protect from sunlight?
    • What colour are the lenses? 
    • Do they pass the sunglass standards of your
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  6. The Best Sunglasses spotted at Fashion Week 2020.
    The Best Sunglasses spotted at Fashion Week 2020.

    It's that time of year again - Fashion Week! We have been keeping our eye out for all the looks so far, including Copenhagen, London and New York with Paris and Milan still to come. So far, we have loved spotting our favourite frame styles worn amongst the highest fashion leaders in the industry.

    We have seen a mixture of looks from colour-popping co-ords, subtle neutrals to bold florals all finished with the perfect accessory - fashion eyewear.

    Scroll down to shop the fashion week street style and see how you can create the look at Fashion Eyewear.

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  7. The Best Glasses To Wear For A Formal Event - Fashion Eyewear
    The Best Glasses To Wear For A Formal Event - Fashion Eyewear

    Do you have a formal work event coming up and you want to look your best while pulling off wearing glasses? Maybe contacts aren’t for you and you can’t live without your specs, but don’t worry we have just the glasses for you to help pull off your A-lister look. 

    Everyone has this issue from businessmen to celebrities with a red carpet appearance. But we stock over 45 designer eyewear brands, which each hold a wide range of frames which differ in size, shape, colourway and material, so there is bound to be a pair that go with your eveningwear attire. 

    We have selected our top brands with bestselling frames to help narrow down your search.


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  8. Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear
    Geek Chic Glasses At Fashion Eyewear

    Geek Chic

    So many of us need optical frames for the obvious, practical reason - to see better. However, fashion enthusiasts among us purely wear frames to be on-trend. A trend which is always trickling in and out of fashion is geek chic which leans heavily on glasses for its impact.  Many glasses shapes are considered ‘geeky’ and our favourite influencers have made being a geek fashionable. Justin Timberlake is one actor who often represents the geek chic styling, along with Matt Smith and Alexa Chung. So in the eyewear industry, geek chic has become a timeless trend, which makes spending money on a luxury pair of specs more worthwhile as you’ll able to wear the same pair of glasses season after season. 

    Picking a frame style which suits you is always important. Luckily the geek chic look can be achieved with very different eyewear shapes and sty

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  9. The Retro Frame Guide
    The Retro Frame Guide

    The Retro Frame Guide 

    You will soon be noticing preloved frame styles you wore 10 years ago creeping back in and wondering why you ever chucked them out in the first place. Just like fashion, eyewear trends are constantly recycled and the current trend for 2020 is the retro frame. 

    We have over 45 brands for you to shop including Chanel, Cartier, Dior and Gucci. Each brand has numbers of frames in a variety of sizes, shapes and colourways so it’s hard to know where to start when looking for a retro style. 


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  10. What to do with your unwanted glasses...
    What to do with your unwanted glasses...

    At Fashion Eyewear we try to be as sustainable as possible. We understand the scrutiny that the fashion industry is under when it comes to the environment and how important saving our planet is. It is crucial we all try and make an effort as a business and as individuals, here are some ways our business is sustainable:

    • Recycling all paper and waste used in our head office.
    • Limiting package waste and recycling all boxes which can’t be reused.
    • Stocking sustainable brands (Stella McCartney - read how she is a sustainable brand here).
    • Any returned frames which we can’t re-sell are donated to the charity ‘Vision Aid Overseas’.

    About Vision Aid Overseas

    Vision Aid Ove

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  11. Valentines Day Gift Guide at Fashion Eyewear
    Valentines Day Gift Guide at Fashion Eyewear

    Here is a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Now you’re panicking over gift ideas, don’t worry because we have the perfect frames for perfect Valentine's day presents. Whether you are looking for a gift  ‘for her’ or ‘for him’ we have over 50 brands which you can shop. Get browsing now and you have plenty of time to shop and have your frames delivered in time for a Valentine’s Day surprise. 

    Why are sunglasses or glasses a great gift?

    • Designer Sunglasses are a great treat - not an everyday purchase.
    • They are a stylish accessory
    • They are a necessity to protect the eyes or see!
    • You can never have too many sunglasses - you need different colours and style to match different occasions and outfits! 

    Simply click the image

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  12. The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists
    The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists

    We’ve heard of the difficulty which comes with wearing a pair of glasses while riding a motorcycle. Helmets have to be snug and this can make finding the right frames difficult. Although looking cool is important, having safe, practical glasses that are comfortable under your helmet is essential. This blog can help you make a decision on which styles, shapes and lenses you need for your glasses to make sure they don’t annoy you while riding, whether they are sunglasses or optical. 

    Which style of glasses are best suited?

    As well as finding a pair of glasses that match your personal style, these are the types of glasses and shapes we recommend you to buy:

    • Foam cups seal the
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