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  1. Valentines Day Gift Guide at Fashion Eyewear
    Valentines Day Gift Guide at Fashion Eyewear

    Here is a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Now you’re panicking over gift ideas, don’t worry because we have the perfect frames for perfect Valentine's day presents. Whether you are looking for a gift  ‘for her’ or ‘for him’ we have over 50 brands which you can shop. Get browsing now and you have plenty of time to shop and have your frames delivered in time for a Valentine’s Day surprise. 

    Why are sunglasses or glasses a great gift?

    • Designer Sunglasses are a great treat - not an everyday purchase.
    • They are a stylish accessory
    • They are a necessity to protect the eyes or see!
    • You can never have too many sunglasses - you need different colours and style to match different occasions and outfits! 

    Simply click the image

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  2. The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists
    The Best Eyewear For Motor Cyclists

    We’ve heard of the difficulty which comes with wearing a pair of glasses while riding a motorcycle. Helmets have to be snug and this can make finding the right frames difficult. Although looking cool is important, having safe, practical glasses that are comfortable under your helmet is essential. This blog can help you make a decision on which styles, shapes and lenses you need for your glasses to make sure they don’t annoy you while riding, whether they are sunglasses or optical. 

    Which style of glasses are best suited?

    As well as finding a pair of glasses that match your personal style, these are the types of glasses and shapes we recommend you to buy:

    • Foam cups seal the
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  3. David Beckham Releases First Eyewear Collection Produced by Safilo.
    David Beckham Releases First Eyewear Collection Produced by Safilo.



    David Beckham has signed a 10-year license with Italian eyewear specialist’s the Safilo Group. As a retailer, we had to get our hands on this exclusive collection with David Beckham and Safilo because the collection was both innovative in design and optical elements, qualities we knew our customer would love. We are now eagerly waiting for our stock to arrive.

    “It is a great honour for

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    Our New DITA 2020 Collection is going live today ready for you to buy. The collection has 17 new frames added, some are completely new styles, some existing models reworked for 2020 trends and colour palettes. Here are our top picks from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection:


    DITA is a luxury brand, which employs the best team of designers and optical developers to make sure your frames aren't just luxury but include the most advanced lens technology. It takes months and months of research and work to design a DITA Frame, although you can't see that hard work you can feel the work and quality when holding a pair of DITA frames. This is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury e

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  5. James Bond Sunglasses with Barton Perreira
    James Bond Sunglasses with Barton Perreira

    We have the 007 exclusive collection with Barton Perreira which will soon be seen in No Time to Die, the New James Bond film. We are the only retailers of the Barton Perreira 007 collection worldwide with a limited range of exclusive stock, so keep your eyes peeled as the film will be out in April 2020. But the good news is that the eyewear range is due to be released at the beginning of 2020 and you can get that iconic James Bond-style ahead of the movie’s release.

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    Winter Love Island is in full swing. Starting the first of the 2020 series in South Africa, the new Love Island cast is getting into grips with their new Villa. We are eagerly watching Love Island at 9 pm to see who is spotted in our Polaroid flames. Only exclusive brands have access to this collection and we are one of them! Our Polaroid glasses are fitted with the Love Island trademark on the inside of the arm just so everyone knows you are as on style as the most-watched programme in the UK. A subtle 'Polaroid X Love Island' is also added onto the tip of the frame as a subtle extra detailing. 

    Now our Polaroid frames are fitted without virtual try-on so you can see how you look in the shades before you

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  7. Sustainable Eyewear With Stella McCartney
    Sustainable Eyewear With Stella McCartney

    Sustainable Eyewear 

    Stella McCartney unveils a new sustainable approach to her eyewear collection. 

    “As a signatory of ‘The New Plastics Global Commitment’, launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we have pledged to eliminate all unnecessary and problematic plastics by 2025. By this deadline, we are also committed to ensuring that 100% of plastic can be easily and safely reused, recycled or composted, circulating the plastic produced and making it into new packaging or products.”

    Stella McCartney Brand 2019

    Stella McCartn

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    Gigi Hadid For Vogue

    About Gigi Hadid

    If you don’t already know Gigi Hadid she is one of the biggest American supermodels around. She is from both a Palestinian and Dutch background. Her Dutch side comes from her mother Yolanda Hadid, former supermodel who you may recognise from featuring on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gigi has two siblings, Bella and Anwar Hadid all following in their mother’s footsteps as supermodels. Gigi has featured in campaigns for all the best luxury fashion brands, walked at all the top shows at Fashion Week and been on the cover of all the top fashion publications. We are sure you’ll have seen her face whether on the cover of a magazine at your closest store or on a bil

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  9. New Year, New You, New Eyewear
    New Year, New You, New Eyewear

    New Year, New You, New Eyewear

    2020 has arrived and with a New Year comes all those New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them: eat healthily, exercise more, kick bad habits and of course get a new look. We’ll see how long your New Year’s Resolutions last, but, we at Fashion Eyewear can help you keep one, even if it’s just for January. We have a New Year, New Look Sale to help you kick start your 2020 wardrobe with the latest, on-trend accessories from a large range of luxury brands at an affordable price. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast already and love wearing the latest sunglasses, or maybe you actually need a new pair of prescription glasses and want a change of style, we have what you’re looking for. We’ve handpicked our top five optical brands and top five pairs of sunglass brands that are in for 2020 for you to shop.


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  10. Winter Love Island 2020: All You Need To Know
    Winter Love Island 2020: All You Need To Know

    So Winter Love Island is starting this weekend on Sunday 12th January 2020 from the South African Villa. We have all the insider knowledge of which brands the contestants will be wearing so you can shop the contestants look before they've even worn it themselves! As well as the apparent line up so far.



    First up we have Alisha Lemay. You may recognise her from Instagram as she already has a following of 125K. Shes appeared already on reality TV, shown on TOWIE, best friends with reality star Pete Wicks and Fashion Blogger

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  11. Go Skiing in the New Year with Oakley
    Go Skiing in the New Year with Oakley

    It's winter and coming up to 2020, the time of the year where skiing trips are the place to be. Whether you are in Andora, Austria or the French Alps, bring the New Year in style on the slopes. With Skiing comes a lot of expensive gear, from the boots, skis, thermals and appropriate eyewear. You want to look the part as well as be warm while having fun. However, when it comes to Eyewear we can help you out with luxury Skii proof glasses at an affordable price. We stock over 45 designer brands, some more sports-focused than others. Our top sports brands are Oakley, Maui Jim, Prada Sports, Nike and Lacoste. However, when it comes to winter sports, Oakley is the go-to eyewear for your festive getaway.

    Oakley was first established in 1975 and acquired as a brand in 2007. They are one of the leading product design eyewear brands in the world with a focus on sports performance, often chosen by world-class athletes to perform

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  12. Our Bestselling Sunglasses of 2019
    Our Bestselling Sunglasses of 2019

    We are in the last final few weeks of 2019, and the end of December not only comes with Christmas and celebration, but it also comes with reflection. We have had another great year at Fashion Eyewear and thank all our customers, new and returning. 

    To celebrate 2019 we are going to look at our top 10 bestselling sunglasses, to shop our bestsellers simply click the images and you can have them in time for 2020. 


    Our number one bestseller of 2019 is the Ray-Ban Aviator. An iconic frame with a historic background. Designed during the World War for Pilots, the Aviator has never stopped selling since, now worn by the faces of top celebrities and known as an iconic frame worldwide. 

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