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  1. Maui Jim VS Oakley
    Maui Jim VS Oakley

    Maui Jim VS Oakley Lenses

    Maui Jim and Oakley are both well-established eyewear brands with a focus on detail and quality. Our latest addition to our Maui Jim collection is their new lenses, Evolution and Brilliant. We now have a wider choice of lens brands that you could choose from, Maui Jim, Oakley, Nikon, Essilor, and our own Fashion Eyewear packages. If you are into sports and need a functional pair of glasses that fit your sporting needs, these two brands are the ones for you to look at it. It is hard to know which brand is the best, however, in this blog we will be looking at our new Maui Jim range VS Oakley lenses.

    So which is the best brand for you?

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  2. The Fashion Eyewear Christmas Gift Guide
    The Fashion Eyewear Christmas Gift Guide

    A Fashion Eyewear Christmas

    Christmas is one week away and I’m sure a lot of us are panicking on what we should buy our loved ones. Well, we can help you and that panic can end. Here is our Christmas gift guide for the whole family, so you can all wear stylish eyewear in the New Year and be the most popular family member on Christmas Day.

    *Be quick! Order by Saturday for Christmas Delivery*

    For your Mum

    Do you struggle to buy for your mum every birthday and Christmas? A new pair of luxury glasses will make you her favourite child. But, when buying sunglasses for someone else, you need to get it right so consider these factors:

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    1. The Most Stylish Glasses For Men In 2019/2020
      The Most Stylish Glasses For Men In 2019/2020


      Do you struggle picking a frame whether it is optical or a pair of sunglasses? Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, choosing new pair of glasses can be a hard decision as there is so much choice. We have over 45 brands for you to choose from which all differ in style, shape, colour and lenses as well as the possibility of adding your own prescription. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to narrow all these options down to find the best one that suits you.

      Here is our help guide of the most stylish frames for autumn / winter 2019 to 2020:



      Walk into 2020 on trend in the latest sunglasses. To help you choose, our in house stylist has narrowed down our best sellers to the top five styles ranging

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    2. Glasses Trends To Watch Out For In 2020
      Glasses Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

      2019 is coming to an end and we are already thinking about which glasses to wear in the New Year. Some styles are staying the same for 2020, however new innovative shapes are coming to start the year boldly.  Here we have the trend forecast for glasses from WGSN X MIDO so you know what styles, colourways and trends to buy in the New Year. Whether you want a new pair of prescription glasses, sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, this guide will help you with what to look out for from January.


      WGSN has presented three macro trends which will influence 2020, these include: Code Create, Empower Up and Designing Emotion.

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    3. The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019
      The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2019

      What is Black Friday?

      A trend which started in America, Black Friday is the last pay day before Christmas. As it is the last pay day, all retailers put on large discounted sales causing shopping to become a little bit crazy. That is why we recommend staying safe and enjoying the sales from the comfort of your sofa and laptop.

      When is Black Friday this year?

      This year’s date is the 29th of November so keep that in your diary - It is only 1 week away. The sale date always happens to fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving, however the sales will last all weekend with Cyber Monday following, so don’t worry you have a whole weekend to enjoy the sales. However, be quick while stocks last!

      Decide if you are shopping online or in store...

      As we already mentioned, sho

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    4. How to ensure that your glasses won’t let your Christmas party outfit down
      How to ensure that your glasses won’t let your Christmas party outfit down

      So, the occasion is upon you – it’s time to glam-up from your head down to your toes in a bid to look stylish and ready to turn heads when you enter that Christmas party. You have it all covered: hair blow-dried and sprayed; make-up on and contoured to perfection; outfit picked out and shoes to match…perfume sprayed… but is there something missing?

      Perhaps there is…and perhaps that one missing aspect of your Christmas party visage is your glasses choice.

      Finding the right pair of glasses, one that serves you on all levels – a frame that is protective, vision perfecting, comfortable, durable and, of course, dazzlingly stylish and versatile – is a hard feat. So don't risk singling out a pair only to realise that they let your Christmas party outfit down (they could be too big, the wrong kind of shape for an evening

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    5. Discover the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Special Edition Sunglasses!
      Discover the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Special Edition Sunglasses!

      Game, Set and Match.

      Since 2006 Ralph Lauren have been Wimbledon’s official outfitters, tasked with creating collections of fresh uniforms for the staff as well as enticing, trendsetting eyewear. Wimbledon 2018 will mark the 11th year Ralph Lauren has collaborated with Wimbledon and the brand new staff uniform will officially be on show from June 27th to July 10th. This year’s collection sets out to combine modern fabrics and shapes with the age-old tradition of prestige, sophistication and, of course, a love for tennis.

      This year all court officials including ball boys, ball girls and umpires will be dressed in head to toe by Ralph Lauren. In a break away from tradition, Wimbledon will now see ball persons sporting classic style Ralph Lauren polo’s and navy shorts and skorts – this will replace the previous design that featured the green and purple sash. In contrast to the ball persons, all official umpires will wear smartly cut, wi

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    6. Havana vs. Tortoise shell coloured eyewear, what’s the difference?
      Havana vs. Tortoise shell coloured eyewear, what’s the difference?

      To the untrained eye, Havana and Tortoise shell colour schemes can be very easily mixed up and even lumped together in one tan-textured blur. However, Havana and Tortoise shell colour schemes should not be categorised as different sides of the same coin. This is because, in actual fact, they are worlds apart in origin, history, and in their actual colour and textural make-ups. Just step back, forward again, and take a closer look at the two – see it now? Worlds apart!

      The low-down on Havana

      For as long as prescription eyewear and fashion eyewear could be thought of as one and the same, Havana has ruled the eyewear market. The Havana tone has long been a popular choice and a staple accessory for eyewear enthusiasts of all ages, very simply because it has a one-of-a-kind timeless essence a

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    7. Protect your eyes on Bonfire Night!
      Protect your eyes on Bonfire Night!

      Bonfire night (November 5th) is right around the corner; it is an exciting, fun-packed night filled with fun-fairs, social gatherings and an explosion of mind-blowing colours that light-up our skies. But, unfortunately, it is also a night that has become notorious for serious eye injuries and accidents involving explosives.

      It has recently been reported that approximately 300 eye injuries are caused each year by fireworks, with those who handle fireworks at home as well as close-proximity bystanders said to be the ones most at risk. According to research, every single year at least 10 people in the UK lose their sight due to incidents involving fireworks, and over half of all fireworks injuries are suffered by children.

      With these alarming facts out in the open, optometrists are advising everyone to take extra care and precaution both watching and

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    8. Sunglasses guide for men
      Sunglasses guide for men

      In essence, sunglasses are a practical being. I say ‘being’ because considering how big a role they currently play in the modern man’s life (the sun’s always out and shining somewhere in the world) - they might as well be elevated to a slightly sentient status.  

      However, they are not just a practical soul, for decades they have been our go-to fashion accessories, born to replace the days when a man was trendy if he owned a gazillion and one hat.  

       Today sunglasses have a dual purpose; they exist to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays (in fact doctors recommend that you wear sunglasses whenever the sun is out, no matter if this occurs during a winter snowstorm because apparently, this time looking the sun can be the most dangerous!) whilst letting you express your individual styles and keep up with the

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    9. Match your couple with the unisex Celine Shadow CL41026/S Sunglasses
      Match your couple with the unisex Celine Shadow CL41026/S Sunglasses

      Celine is the visionary of optics; their eyewear collections, particularly their sunglasses collections, are oozing with inspirational designs and on-trend styles. The sunglasses were created with confident chunky lines and exquisite attention to detail.

      This stunning range was brought to life by world-renowned designer Phoebe Philo and has been the catalyst for many designs seen on the catwalk – they will add a delicate dose of elegance to all your outfits, season after season. Suitable for both men and women, you and your better half can flaunt matching Celine sunglasses and rule the fashion kingdom.


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    10. Kick start your Summer with the new Blaze collection by Ray-Ban!
      Kick start your Summer with the new Blaze collection by Ray-Ban!

      Ray-Ban is the most iconic, highly-regarded name in the modern, premium eyewear world. It is a brand that has evolved to become synonymous with a timeless sense of style and an unrivalled element of class that transcends fashion trends.

      Ray-Ban has a hugely influential heritage that has make an impact since it was founded back in 1937 – from the immensely popular aviator model – built to enhance the performance of WW2 fighter pilots – to the classically trendy wayfarer model – Ray-Ban has been producing eyewear like no other.

      The Ray-Ban Blaze collection encompasses the innovative, characterful and charming essence of Ray-Ban with a contemporary, 21st century edge. The Blaze collection masterfully merges a sporty sense of style with an urban attitude for products that are uniquely stylish; each product in the Blaze collection is crafted meticul

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