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Carrera Eyewear

Company History
The Carrera company was started up in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. Wilhelm Anger was inspired by the South-American races called the Carrera Panamericana which was a very popular racing event. The philosophy of the company is to encourage others to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. This dynamic, dare-devil attitude is at the heart of the company’s identity and people who like this company will also share the same viewpoints.

The company initially developed ski goggles, head gear and sport glasses and sunglasses. Prescription frames were not produced until the 1980’s. As the company started to produce optical frames, their mission was to create innovative, safe, and technologically advanced eyewear that would satisfy the needs of sports professionals who require corrective eyewear. The company created a special frame material called ‘Optyl’ which is 20% lighter than standard plastic frames and more resilient and durable.

Eyewear Collection
The Carrera Eyewear collection consists of many modern, sporty and stylish sunglasses and prescription frames for men and women. The Carrera Champion is the brand’s biggest selling sunglasses model. The Champion model has been seen on numerous celebrities; if you are looking for a popular sunglass model that is high in demand, opt for the Carrera Champion. There are other sunglasses from the brand’s collection that have also been selling out like hot cakes.

If you are looking for a sport-inspired optical frame that looks classic and iconic, take a look at the range of aviator-style spectacles which are very popular. The iconic aviator-style spectacles are a great purchase and the brand offers extreme value-for-money eyewear. Comfort, quality, safety and technology are factors that are maintained at a high standard. This is why the Carrera eyewear collection is considered as value for money. Carrera is an affordable designer brand that is very stylish, dynamic and on trend.