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Christian Dior Eyewear

Company History
Founded in France, 1946 Christian Dior started up his own couture fashion house. Dior was a male couturier with a passion for womenswear that emphasized and enhanced the female silhouette. His waist-cinching full skirts were a part of his ‘New Look’ movement that revolutionised post-war fashion. Women all over the world soon fell in love with these feminine designs and the fashion house became a huge success.

High-profile women such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and the Duchess of Windsor were loyal clients of the fashion house. After the couture collection, the House of Dior designed a series of prêt-a-porter collections which were quickly snapped up by women who wanted a piece of the elegant and glamorous designs. Dior (the brand) soon after moved into the production of menswear, perfumery, accessories, watches and jewellery.

Eyewear Collection
The Dior eyewear collection was not launched until the mid-1990s. The collection offered a range of sunglasses and prescription glasses in different colours and styles. The classic vintage appeal of the brand is reflected in the eyewear but in a refreshingly modern way. The brand has always been recognised for its charm, elegance and couture spirit so it was only right for the majority of the eyewear collection to carry the same identity.

Most of the Dior frames and sunglasses are of an oversized style which is another characteristic of the brand’s couture heritage. To keep the eyewear collection modern and innovative, the Maison brings out a new collection each year to stay ahead of fashion trends. The majority of the brand’s collection is designed for women however there’s still an extensive range of male and unisex frames and sunglasses to choose from.

The Black Tie optical collection for men was a huge success and many models from the collection are very popular and have been best sellers. The latest Dior Demoiselle collection for women has been hailed as the hottest sunglasses of the year. The eyewear acknowledges the current trend to sci-fi fashion and pastel metallics. For fashionable men and women who want to stay ahead of the latest fashion trends and style, Dior eyewear is the right brand for you.