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Oakley Eyewear

Company History
Jim Jannard created the Oakley brand in 1975. The brand is the number one choice for sporting and performance eyewear. At first, Jannard’s innovative ideas were deemed crazy by the industry critics, because his ideas were like nothing else out there. The founder of the brand strongly believes that nothing is impossible and proved the entire industry wrong.

Oakley’s motto is that every product to exist in the world can be redefined and evolved into something better. This is because the world is constantly changing and new ideas demand new technologies. Jannard rejects conventional ideas and looks at the world for inspiration. All of his products transform physics to an art level. Oakley are proud to be able to copyright all of their products, as their designs and use of materials, are completely their own. This makes them one-of-a-kind and everything else that remotely looks like one of their products; is an imitation.

Oakley Eyewear
Oakley eyewear is proven to be one of the best in the eyewear industry. Both their glasses and sunglasses are worn by professional sporting athletes. Many athletes opt for Oakley, because it actually proves to enhance their performance and fitness. Not only does the optical alignment provide accurate, sharp vision but they provide ultimate comfort. The materials used and the way that the eyewear is constructed ensures that the wearer will hardly be able to feel the eyewear. The wearer will continue to do whatever activity they choose to do without feeling irritated.

Why Choose Oakley?
Oakley has a unique three point fit that holds the lenses in precise optical alignment. It also means the glasses are ultra-flexible. This adds to the comfort and means they are less likely to break. The frame materials balance the durability and comfort with impact and absorption for athletic competition. Oakley eyewear ranges in price, materials, shapes, sizes and styles. This means there is bound to be something for everyone. One thing that is guaranteed, is that the timeless designs embrace new technologies, that make them current and long-lasting. The brand is successful and highly reputable as the unique designs are strong and stylish.