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Polo Ralph Lauren Eyewear

Brand History
The Polo Ralph Lauren brand was founded in 1967. The brand is a true representation of the American heritage and lifestyle. The American founder, Ralph Lauren, began designing men’s ties and he believes that there are no boundaries with fashion. Instead of a skinny ties, his were wide and colourful, this was bold and different at the time. Two years later, in 1969, Ralph Lauren opened a boutique store in Manhattan’s department store; Bloomingdale’s.

American & Sporting Heritage
The brand of almost forty years breathes a pure American and a timeless style. The brand entails a mixture of tradition as well as a sport 'preppy' look. The brand dresses for a stylish lifestyle without being too expensive. Polo Ralph Lauren has designed for huge sporting events such as Wimbledon and for the American team at the Olympics 2012.

Polo Ralph Lauren Eyewear
Ralph Lauren eyewear was released in the 1980s. The brand’s philosophy of finesse, a timeless and modern style is apparent in all of their eyewear. People opt for Ralph Lauren eyewear as function and fashion is guaranteed. The brand is highly reputable for providing long-lasting and stylish goods. Their eyewear collection includes classic models with a choice of traditional colours, such as black and tortoiseshell, or more adventurous colours, such as blue and orange.

Why People Choose Polo Ralph Lauren
The lenses provided in the glasses and sunglasses are of a high quality. They have been proven to provide 100% UV protection as well as excellent optical alignment. To ensure customer satisfaction all of the eyewear has been tested so that they are long-lasting and will not damage easily. Another important factor is that they are comfortable to wear. The lightweight and easily flexible glasses mean that the wearer will hardly feel them on the face. The brand is a huge fashion house, known world-wide, with many boutique stores located across the globe. The brand is recognized by its popular signature logo of the horseman and polo rider placed on almost all of the Polo Ralph Lauren goods.