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Ray Ban Eyewear

Brand History
Ray Ban is one of the best-selling and top eyewear brands to exist. The brand is known world-wide for designing stylish and affordable designer sunglasses and glasses. Ray Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. A General of the American Air Force approached the optical experts and asked them to design him a pair of sunglasses; that were sophisticated, stylish and practical to protect his eyes. The General noticed his eyes were damaging because of the sun’s harmful rays and needed protective eyewear as part of his uniform.

Iconic Models
Many celebrities, fashionistas and high-end magazines claim the brand is the number one choice for stylish eyewear. The brand has brought us two iconic designs that have remained best-sellers to this day. The first design was the aviator sunglasses made out of metal and the second design, released in 1952, was the Wayfarer made out of plastic. Both of these models have been featured in many films, music videos, on stage at festivals and on the red carpet. The timeless looks come back into fashion every decade as the timeless designs always remain trendy.

Why Is Ray Ban So Popular?
The reason as to why people choose Ray Ban is because luxury is guaranteed and the designer label is known world-wide. The brand initially specialized in sunglasses where the lenses provided 100% UV protection and guaranteed to protect your eyes from damaging. The brand also designs a successful optical range. Optical experts and skilled technicians handcraft all of the collection and optical alignment is guaranteed. Each design is unique and extremely fashionable. Other brands imitate Ray Ban's look but they were the first to do what they do and that is what makes them one-of-a-kind.

Why Should You Choose Ray Ban?
All of the brand’s eyewear is produced in Italy and has to pass a strict quality control. Only the highest quality materials are used that ensures comfort and durability. Ray Ban’s eyewear is a popular choice because they last a long time and will not break easily. Another feature that they all have is that they are extremely lightweight so comfortable to wear daily. The Ray Ban signature is etched on the lenses and on the temple arms to show its authenticity and is a stylish, well-known touch.