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Ray Ban Junior Eyewear

Ray Ban Junior Eyewear
Ray Ban Junior eyewear was introduced in 2003 and has remained to be a huge success. They were the first designer eyewear brand to cater for children and the success has led other brands to follow suit. The affordable designer range ensures excellent, long-lasting, quality.

All of the materials are durable, which is something to consider with children, as it means they are less likely to break regarding the child’s activities. There are a range of different shapes, sizes and colours for every child’s personal preference. From classic colours such as black and brown, which is appropriate for school, or more playful and fun colours; such as blues and pinks.

Brand History
Ray Ban was founded in 1937. Optical experts, Bausch & Lomb, were approached by an American General and were asked to design him a pair of sunglasses. The General became aware that his eye health was damaging due to the harmful sun rays whilst working in the air. Bausch and Lomb designed him a pair of the first aviator style sunglasses that had a tear dropped lens shape. The sunglasses were full-rimmed metal and extremely sophisticated and stylish.

The lenses, in the aviators, were of the highest quality and provided 100% UV protection. Soon aviators became an official style worn by the American pilots. Everyone then wanted pair of the sunglasses for them to make a fashion statement and for their own lifestyle. The Ray Ban brand was born and became popular world-wide. In 1952, they introduced a completely new model that is now a best-selling range in the entire optical industry. The Wayfarers embody the plastic technology and are full-rimmed and have a geek chic look.

Many celebrities and people all over the world claim that these two iconic pieces are must-haves. The brand is favoured in all of the high-end fashion magazines. This is because the simplicity of the timeless style and function of visual aid and protecting your eye health is flawless.