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Tiffany Eyewear

History & Heritage
Tiffany was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. The first store opened in New York and the flagship store is in the same location to this day. Tiffany is well known for their beautiful jewellery especially for their engagement rings. Their light blue packaging and boxes for the rings are equally famous, as the jewellery itself, as it is their signature colour and instantly recognisable. Charles Lewis Tiffany famously declared that the blue box can only be acquired with a purchase and can never be sold on its own.

Design & Detail
All of their exceptional designs remain relevant to this day as the quality is outstanding. All of their items are innovative, iconic and famous world-wide. The brand has many different fashionable emblems that are used throughout their accessories. These include keys, locks, charms and bows. The brand retains a classic and sophisticated look and is always looking at the world for inspiration. Precious materials, rare gem stones, along with a skilled hand and high attention to detail, assemble everything together to produce magnificence.

Tiffany Eyewear
The brand's sunglasses were introduced in 2005 and the eyewear was officially launched in 2008 and was an instant success. The best-selling jewellery and popular styles is translated into all of the eyewear. The eyewear collection has a mixture of plastic and metal frames. There are classic and simple styles as well as eye-catching styles with a different range of colour choices. A skilled artist handcrafts all of the eyewear in Italy and places the intricate detailing on the frames. Features such as the charms and keys, that are seen in a lot of Tiffany jewellery, is incorporated within the eyewear on the arms and hinge section.

Hollywood Stardom
Many Hollywood elites and celebrities are huge fans of Tiffany jewellery and eyewear. The exquisite designs has been worn on the red carpet and featured in many hit films. In 1961, the Hollywood classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s was set and based on the brand. Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn starred in the movie where she personified Tiffany’s style with elegance and a timeless beauty.