Designer Glasses

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  1. Cartier Canazei CT0048O
    Cartier Canazei CT0048O
  3. Cartier Bolon CT0045O
    Cartier Bolon CT0045O
  4. Oliver Peoples O'Malley OV5183
    Oliver Peoples O'Malley OV5183
    Was £204.00 Now £171.00
  5. Oakley Holbrook RX OX8156
    Oakley Holbrook RX OX8156
    Was £78.00 Now £57.00
  6. Tom Ford Horn Tom N.15
    Tom Ford Horn Tom N.15
    Was £885.00 Now £618.00
  7. Oliver Peoples Finley Vintage OV5397U
    Oliver Peoples Finley Vintage OV5397U
    Was £243.00 Now £170.00
  8. Tom Ford TF5641-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5641-B With Clip-on
    Was £534.00 Now £375.00
  9. Oliver Peoples Cary Grant OV5413U
    Oliver Peoples Cary Grant OV5413U
  10. Cutler and Gross 0822V2
    Cutler and Gross 0822V2
  11. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB5121
    Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB5121
    Was £114.00 Now £69.00
  12. Oliver Peoples Oliver OV5393U
    Oliver Peoples Oliver OV5393U
  13. Dior CD 1
    Dior CD 1
    Was £228.00 Now £156.00
  14. Cartier Tulliana CT0061O
    Cartier Tulliana CT0061O
  15. Givenchy GV0047
    Givenchy GV0047
    Was £186.00 Now £135.00
  16. Ray-Ban RB5387
    Ray-Ban RB5387
    Was £90.00 Now £57.00
  17. Tom Ford TF5557-B
    Tom Ford TF5557-B
    Was £195.00 Now £139.00
  18. Oliver Peoples Denison OV5102
    Oliver Peoples Denison OV5102
    Was £186.00 Now £151.00
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Designer Glasses

Designer Eyewear

At Fashion Eyewear we combine fashion and functionality, providing you with the most stylish optical experience. We have a choice of over 45 luxury brands, in both optical and sunglass, as well as prescription designer sunglasses. As a genuine eyewear retailer, we stock the most exclusive designer glasses brands including Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Dita and Tom Ford. Every collection is designed and manufactured by optical specialists who pride themselves in the finer details and expert quality. What sets Fashion Eyewear apart is that we provide the most fashionable eyewear straight off the runways, at the best quality, at the lowest price points, delivered to your door with your prescription included.

Choosing A Frame

Choosing a frame can be hard, especially when you have so many styles available. You might want a timeless glasses frame like the Aviator, the Clubmaster, square or rounded. However, if aesthetic qualities and wearing the latest trends are important to you, you may want to go for a cat-eye, a butterfly frame or an oversized frameless style. As well as style to choose from, we also have a large number of brands, colourways and materials such as metal or acetate frames. To help you narrow down your search think of these factors: when and where do I plan on wearing my glasses? What colour do I have the most of in my wardrobe and what style will suit my face shape as well as express my personality?

Lens Choices

Lens choice is dependent on your prescription and your need for glasses. We have a wide range of lenses available to meet all needs from: Distance, Reading, Varifocal, Computer, Fashion and Occupational. All our lenses are the best quality, with a variety of tints and transition features that put emphasis on optimising optical performance. As you get to the check out you will see our recommended lens packages and the chance to tailor your own lenses to suit your prescription. We make it easy for you to buy your prescription glasses online.

Photochromic/ Transitions Lenses

We have a variety of lens tints to choose from, these are dependent on your personal preference. We have these available in brown or grey as well as fashion coloured tints in an array of colourways from pink to blue to orange. We recommend adding transition lenses if you are after the most responsive lenses that adjust from indoors to dark outdoors. These lenses can also be known as: Photochromic, Light Sensitive and Reactolite. If you spend a lot of time in the car then for better protection while driving we advise you add TransitionsXtractive. If your eyes are slightly photo-sensitive you may want to consider adding these photochromic lenses.

Don’t Forget To Add Lens Coatings

We highly recommend you add coatings to your lenses to limit the damage. We have a variety of coatings available to suit your individual need from a range of brands. Your choice ranges from scratch-resistant, anti-glare, blue computer coating to dust repellent. We have top brands; Essilor, Nikon, Oakley, Ray-ban and our own range for you to choose from. Our more advanced coatings will protect your eyes from glare as well as protecting your lenses from scratches and abrasions. However, for further protection, we advise our premium or elite coatings as they repel dirt, smudges and offer the most advanced optical technology.
We understand it can be hard to know you are making the correct decision for your prescriptions spectacles whether you need single vision or varifocal lenses, so for more details on our lenses and the brands we have available, please check out our lens page so you can make an informed choice at the check-out.