Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli’s frames are recognisable in a blink of an eye: striking, high-end handmade glasses in vibrant colours and exciting patterns by French designer Alain Mikli touted by the likes of Elton John and Kanye West.

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Alain Mikli, The Eyewear Designer

French-Armenian Alain Mikli once said in an interview that he went to optometry school because it was close to his home and he could get more sleep in the mornings. It is the same man who opened his design studio in 1978 and invented the job description of eyewear designer. By the early 80s, celebrities like Elton John was already a fan of Mikli spectacles and the pioneer eyeglasses designer achieved international success soon afterwards.

His exclusive handmade eyewear designs include creative, colourful styles (inspired by his Armenian heritage) made of the finest materials for a perfect fit and all-day comfort. Since the 80s the brand has grown to be one of the most exclusive designer eyewear labels selling the finest luxury glasses and sunglasses around the world.

Alain Mikli Glasses

The brand’s approach is that glasses are “art for the face”, rather than a necessity. Mikli wanted to create something not just for fashion but something that stays for a long time. Alain Mikli glasses are hand-made in France using the latest technologies and are fully bendable and reshapable. The frames showcase Alain Mikli’s signature style, sophisticated yet understated, every frame is unique.

Since the beginning, Alain Mikli eyewear has been a favourite among celebrities, worn by Elton John, Meryl Streep, Hillary Duff and Paris Hilton. The famous Alain Mikli shutter shades were specifically designed in the music video for Stronger by Kanye West and created a real global fashion trend. The glasses and sunglasses brand has collaborated with several high profile designers such as Issey Miyake, Jil Sander and Philippe Starck on exclusive eyewear collections.

Prescription Lenses and Coatings with your Alain Mikli Spectacles

Our qualified opticians can also fit your Alain Mikli glasses with prescription lenses or varifocal presciptions all in our in-house London glazing lab.

Free Lenses, Free UK Shipping, Fast International Shipping

As the UK's most trusted online glasses expert, our friendly team at Fashion Eyewear is glad to help you with any inquiries that you may have. Call us now on 020 8987 2400 or visit our huge London showroom. Buy online with confidence! We are an authorised Alain Mikli stockist. All our Alain Mikli models come with original case, luxury cloth and the original manufacturer’s warranty.