Alexander McQueen Glasses

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The Brand
Born in East London in 1969, Lee Alexander McQueen had always known he wanted to become a fashion designer. From an early age, he was drawing and reading books on fashion. After he finished studying his A-level in Art, he was offered an apprenticeship at London’s famous Savile Row to learn pattern cutting.

In 2001, Lee Alexander acquired help from the Gucci Group who encouraged his avant-garde designs; the backing of this large luxury fashion brand pushed Lee Alexander’s label further into the public eye and soon after Alexander McQueen became an internationally recognised brand.

Lee Alexander was awarded “British Fashion Designer of the Year” four times, “International Designer of the Year” in 2003, and “British Menswear Designer of the Year” in 2004. When McQueen passed away in 2010, Sarah Burton was made creative director of the brand.

If you hadn't heard of this brand before, you would've seen one of the brand's creations; the exquisite bridal gown designed by Sarah Burton for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). It's also reported that the brand is one of Kate's favourite brands.

Eyewear Range
The brand’s flagship stores are located in New York, Milan, London, and Los Angeles. The brand has an accessories collection, womenswear and menswear collection, as well as an eyewear collection. The eyewear collection can be purchased from leading optical retailers online and offline.

With contemporary, British designs and Milanese quality and craftsmanship, Alexander McQueen glasses are high quality and mostly hand-made unlike cheaper spectacles created from high-street brands. The bold and unusual avant-garde designs definitely spark some kind of emotion; whether it’s positive or negative, that’s up to your personal taste.

If you find that you do like the style of the brand, why not invest in a pair of your own? The frames in the collection are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before; from skulls to stitches, the mysterious, rock attitude is edgy and intriguing. All of the frames in the collection are inspired by the ready-to-wear collection of the late British fashion designer.

His label's urban glamorous style is definitely something that the fashionistas of today want to wear. The frame shapes available in this collection includes cat-eye frames, wayfarer, squared, rectangle and oval. The colour palette for the brand’s optical collection is dark; expect a lot of black, brown, red, green and ochre yellow.