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Andy Wolf Glasses

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Andy Wolf Glasses

Andy Wolf was founded with the aim to combine local eyewear crafting traditions with the modern, innovative craftsmanship that is now synonymous with the contemporary brand that is Andy Wolf.

The Andy Wolf line is handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria which ensures that each frame is checked under rigorous production standards. To meet these high standards, the frames are only produced with the highest quality materials, such as first-rate acetate which is sourced from Italian factories or high-quality metals. The resulting frames are far more durable than your standard one, and often far more sustainable due to the majority of their acetate frames being sourced through sustainable production methods.

To take your frames to the next level, our in-house opticians will add your prescription for you. Additionally, Fashion Eyewear’s elite protective coating is a brilliant way to ensure your new purchase stays in pristine condition. With anti-glare and scratch resistance along with UV protection among other benefits, it’s the perfect addition for your new glasses.