The timeless aviator. Browse our aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban classics to bold Gucci frames.
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  1. Tommy Hilfiger TH1695
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1695
    Was £96.00 Now £51.00
  2. Carrera 174
    Carrera 174
    Was £123.00 Now £78.00
  3. Tom Ford TF5622-B
    Tom Ford TF5622-B
    Was £276.00 Now £178.00
  4. Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Was £72.00 Now £36.00
  5. Jimmy Choo JM003
    Jimmy Choo JM003
    Was £264.00 Now £159.00
  6. FENDI FF M0034
    FENDI FF M0034
    Was £228.00 Now £141.00
  7. Jimmy Choo JM007
    Jimmy Choo JM007
    Was £216.00 Now £150.00
  8. Jimmy Choo JM005
    Jimmy Choo JM005
    Was £216.00 Now £150.00
  9. Fendi FF0446
    Fendi FF0446
  10. David Beckham DB7023
    David Beckham DB7023
  12. Cutler and Gross 0822V3
    Cutler and Gross 0822V3
  13. Tom Ford TF5691-B
    Tom Ford TF5691-B
    Was £303.00 Now £207.00
  14. Tom Ford TF5684-B
    Tom Ford TF5684-B
    Was £276.00 Now £189.00
  15. Cartier CT0252O
    Cartier CT0252O
  16. Cartier CT0256O
    Cartier CT0256O
  17. Mykita Eero
    Mykita Eero
  18. Mykita Nilsson
    Mykita Nilsson
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Aviator Glasses

The Aviator glasses, also known as pilot glasses, are an instantly recognisable design: thin metal frame and double bridge, combined with a teardrop-shaped, oversized lens which covers the eyes. These distinctive features create one of the most stylish staple eyewear with a history known worldwide. First created in the 1930s by Bausch & Lomb (now known as ‘Ray-Ban’) with purely a practical purpose for pilots during the wartime. The aviator is now one of Ray-Ban's most successful silhouettes and has been reworked through the years by other designer brands as well as Ray-Ban themselves. Shop fashion favourites Fendi, Dior, Tiffany or Versace for their fashionable twist on this staple. Or if you’re after a sophisticated classic, take a look at Tom Ford, Ray-Ban. If you prefer sports-focused Aviator frames, then we recommend Persol. Don’t forget to add your prescription lenses to your designer aviator glasses. We stock the most advanced range of optical lenses from top brands Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and Oakley. Our in house optical team has also put together our own Fashion Eyewear optical package, ranging from bronze to premium to help you choose a lens package that fits your lifestyle and optical needs. You can read more information about our aviator glasses here.