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  • Calvin Klein Glasses

    Calvin Klein glasses represent a sleek modernity, characterised by provocative and sophisticated designs with immaculate details and innovative materials. Minimalism blended with complexity through the use of discrete embellishments and architectural detailing.

Calvin Klein

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  • Calvin Klein Glasses Online | Calvin Klein Prescription Glasses

    Company History

    American designer Calvin Klein founded the brand in 1968. Klein initially designed coats and dresses that instantly became hugely popular. In 1969, the cover of American Vogue adorned Calvin Klein designs and this made a firm mark in the fashion industry for the brand. The brand was the top designer through the 70s-80s and remains to be one of the most popular luxury brands to this day.

    The brand has many collections under its wing. They are mostly famous for their fragrances, jeans and underwear collection. Many supermodels, celebrities and music stars are huge fans of the Calvin Klein label. A lot of models have been involved in their sensual and bold campaigns, supermodel Kate Moss famously posed nude, in a tasteful manner, for the label. The brand is known for taking huge risks, being provocative but always remaining minimalistic and classy. In 1993, Klein won the award for ‘America’s Best Designer’ for both the women’s and men’s category and was the first designer, in the industry, to win both awards at the same time.

    Calvin Klein Eyewear

    Calvin Klein eyewear was launched in 1977. Their eyewear is hugely popular and reflects the brand’s look. A fusion of minimalism and sensuality is portrayed in all of their designs. The eyewear collection is conventional with a hint of contemporary. Klein is a huge fan of metals that have a slender and streamlined aesthetic. There is also a diverse range of acetates as well as different shapes, sizes and colour choices. The brand also offers a wide selection of fully rimmed, supra and rimless glasses.

    They are part of the American eyewear group Marchon that also have other luxury brands under their group such as Chloè, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld. Their designs are more for people’s lifestyles rather than age. Everything is unique, bold and innovative. There is a sense of complexity, through architectural detailing and with the combination of timeless style and the best optical materials, the brand's eyewear is guaranteed to exceed customer's expectations.

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