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Cutler and Gross Glasses

Cutler and Gross Glasses

Cutler and Gross is a London-based high end fashion brand and is regularly featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair and their vintage and quirky eyewear designs are frequently worn on the catwalk. All handcrafted, from milling of the lens groove to the fitting of the hinges is what characterises the Cutler & Gross frame designs.

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  1. Cutler and Gross 0935 X Kingsman
    Cutler and Gross 0935 X Kingsman
    Was £342.00 From: £285.00
  2. Cutler and Gross 1386
    Cutler and Gross 1386
    Was £342.00 From: £285.00
  3. Cutler and Gross 1288
    Cutler and Gross 1288
    Was £342.00 From: £285.00
  4. Cutler and Gross 0822/2
    Cutler and Gross 0822/2
    Was £312.00 From: £255.00
  5. Cutler and Gross 0822V3
    Cutler and Gross 0822V3
    Was £294.00 From: £240.00
  6. Cutler and Gross 1319
    Cutler and Gross 1319
    Was £252.00 From: £195.00
  7. Cutler and Gross 1306
    Cutler and Gross 1306
    Was £282.00 From: £225.00
  8. Cutler and Gross 1298 OPT
    Cutler and Gross 1298 OPT
    Was £342.00 From: £285.00
  9. Cutler and Gross 0847V2 X Kingsman
    Cutler and Gross 0847V2 X Kingsman
    Was £342.00 From: £285.00
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“My idea of design is a bit old-fashioned. It should be practical, functional then look good – in that order”
Graham Cutler

“It’s nice if glasses can be sexy and mysterious. People who need glasses don’t have to feel separated from glamour”
Tony Gross

When Cutler Met Gross

Founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, Cutler and Gross is a luxury eyewear company that specialises in handcrafted high-quality frames, all made in the brand’s own factory in Cadore, Italy. Cutler and Gross met in optometry school and decided to launch their own branded eyewear. The brand is based in Knightsbridge, London known for its exclusive eyewear collections featuring classic designs, like round frames made of highest quality acetate and eyewear made of durable metal.

At the beginning, the ideas for the new designs came very spontaneously from Cutler and Gross, stemming from a shape, a slice of film noir or an imaginary concept. Instead of naming the models they started numbering them and placed the brand’s gold foil logo on the inside of the temple. This way, the frames keep a quiet elegance about them, only being instantly recognisable to those familiar with the brand and its designs. To reach a more international audience, Mr Gross showed the Cutler and Gross collection at Paris Fashion Week in 1982. Cutler and Gross frames have been seen on the catwalks ever since, with the most recent being at the Holy Fulton AW 2014 collection at London Fashion Week..

Cutler and Gross have previously collaborated with major luxury fashion brands Maison Martin Margiela, Mulberry, Erdem, Alberta Ferretti and most recently with Giles Deacon. Victoria Beckham’s eyewear line is also produced in collaboration with Cutler and Gross. Besides Victoria Beckham, the label is very popular among celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson, Taylor Swift and Cheryl Cole.