Iconic French fashion house Dior is renowned for its haute couture collections, beautiful luxurious creations and the Dior eyewear collection features the same glamour. World class luxury, French style and feminine designs are the key elements of Dior.

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    Was £246.00 Now £148.90
  2. Dior StellaireO1
    Dior StellaireO1
    Was £294.00 Now £165.00
  3. Dior CD 1
    Dior CD 1
    Was £246.00 Now £151.00
  4. Dior CD3271
    Dior CD3271
    Was £177.00 Now £109.00
  5. Dior Montaigne 57
    Dior Montaigne 57
    Was £216.00 Now £112.33
  6. Dior Montaigne 54
    Dior Montaigne 54
    Was £216.00 Now £128.90
  7. Dior Montaigne 55
    Dior Montaigne 55
    Was £216.00 Now £133.00
  8. Dior HOMME DIOR0236
    Dior HOMME DIOR0236
    Was £318.00 Now £199.00
  9. Dior Homme Blacktie258
    Dior Homme Blacktie258
    Was £255.00 Now £157.00
  10. Dior Montaigne 18
    Dior Montaigne 18
    Was £213.00 Now £130.00
  11. Dior Montaigne 56
    Dior Montaigne 56
    Was £216.00 Now £120.00
  12. Dior Montaigne 25
    Dior Montaigne 25
    Was £192.00 Now £118.00
  13. Dior LadydiorO2
    Dior LadydiorO2
    Was £225.00 Now £123.00
  14. Dior Stellaire O8
    Dior Stellaire O8
    Was £273.00 Now £165.00
  15. Dior Montaigne 33
    Dior Montaigne 33
    Was £225.00 Now £144.00
  16. Dior StellaireO6
    Dior StellaireO6
    Was £330.00 Now £120.00
  17. Dior Dioressence6
    Dior Dioressence6
    Was £306.00 Now £160.32
  18. Dior CD3270
    Dior CD3270
    Was £225.00 Now £143.12
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The Story Behind Dior

Christian Dior, the French founder of the paramount company Dior, is one of the most innovative designers of our time. Dior was born in Normandy, 1905. During the World War II, Dior dressed for military wives and other government spouses. He wanted to preserve the French fashion industry for economic and artistic reasons. His designs revolutionised post-war fashion. In 1946, he started his haute couture empire, House of Dior. Christian Dior Couture stayed away from restricting, boxy designs that hid a woman’s shape.

Instead, fashion house created beautiful flowing garments that enhanced a woman’s curvaceous form. This fashion reform became historically recognised as the "new look". The brand became well known for its haute couture and beautiful luxurious creations since the empire launch. It also expanded into menswear, perfumery, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics. There are now over 200 boutiques all over the world with several located in New York, London and Milan.

Dior Eyewear Collections

Some of their more recent products are the Dior frames, which have undoubtedly caught the attention of the mass market. Both sunglasses and glasses with fantastic durability, comfort and design were produced. Most of the Dior eyeglasses models have a vintage yet glamorous appearance. The optical collection offers a wide range of frame settings. Whether you like chunky full rimmed frames or sleek semi-rimless frames, there’s a perfect pair for you. The majority of frames for men and women have a rectangle frame shape: a classic shape that suits all. The latest Dior frames designs take your style into consideration, offering a range of frame styles from aviator and square, to cat-eye.

The variety of colours and frame shapes made available allowed maximum customisability for the wearer. The eyewear immediately became a fashion must have for the mass market and was adorned by some of the most on trend celebrities, like Emma Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Sharon Stone and Paris Hilton. The Dior spectacles take a more simplistic and basic appearance, making it suitable to every occasion. The usually golden/silver “Dior” logo is embellished on most of the designs and will be sure to turn heads. There are several significant benefits to investing in Dior varifocals and sunglasses.

Black Tie Collection

This collection is the most talked about collection for men. It’s stylish, it’s sexy, and it pays homage to vintage French fashion. The collection has been designed with masculinity and simplicity in mind. These optical models are sleek, understated, and beautifully executed. The frames are made from the acetate plastic material with a squared shape. Plastic is a great material choice for a contemporary look.