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Dita Glasses

Dita Glasses

All DITA eyewear reflects a timeless, elegant essence, whilst having the ability to evolve and excel with the ever-changing and progressing modern fashion trends. DITA artisans and expert craftsmen spend months lovingly and delicately weaving their unique blend of luxury into their eyeglasses, created with skill, passion and an unrivalled dedication to the craft. The modern world is captured, but it never overpowers the scent of the past thanks to the unique infusion of traditional-eastern and modern-western cultures.

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  1. DITA Showgoer DTX513
    DITA Showgoer DTX513
    From: £438.47
  2. DITA Flight 007 DTX111
    DITA Flight 007 DTX111
    From: £484.62
  3. DITA Believer DTX506
    DITA Believer DTX506
    From: £392.30
  4. DITA Asian Fit Torus DTX110
    DITA Asian Fit Torus DTX110
    From: £530.77
  5. DITA Asian Fit Brixa DTX109
    DITA Asian Fit Brixa DTX109
    From: £738.47
  6. DITA Ashlar DTX505
    DITA Ashlar DTX505
    From: £530.77
  7. Dita United DRX2078
    Dita United DRX2078
    From: £646.15
  8. Dita Union DRX2068
    Dita Union DRX2068
    From: £646.15
  9. Dita Statesman Three DRX2064
    Dita Statesman Three DRX2064
    From: £555.00
  10. Dita Rhythm DRX3039
    Dita Rhythm DRX3039
    From: £438.47
  11. Dita Rebella DRX3031
    Dita Rebella DRX3031
    From: £576.92
  12. Dita Polymath DTX101
    Dita Polymath DTX101
    From: £553.85
  13. Dita Mikro DTX500
    Dita Mikro DTX500
    From: £576.92
  14. Dita Haliod DTX100
    Dita Haliod DTX100
    From: £646.15
  15. Dita Birch DRX2074
    Dita Birch DRX2074
    From: £484.62
  16. Dita Ash DRX2073
    Dita Ash DRX2073
    From: £484.62
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About DITA

If you have been paying attention to what has been happening in the world of eyewear for the last five years then you may have come across a very stylish brand called DITA. The uber-feminine and stunning eyewear line has everyone in the fashion industry captivated and has managed to garner a lot of celebrity fans. Despite them being relatively new to the eyewear industry, DITA has managed to release a few popular pieces in their optical collection which are on their way to becoming iconic. One of the most popular models is called the Statesman and has been seen on various people in the media; the Edmont and Intelligente models are also very popular among the DITA glasses catalogue.

If you like simple styles but also want to be drawn into the wondrous world of DITA spectacles, then don’t fret. For every daring and bold frame the brand has, they also have simple spectacles that are suitable for everyday wear. Although the brand has been seen as a girl’s brand – they have some unisex frames that have been seen on Hollywood actors like superstar comedian Kevin Hart.

The price point of a pair of DITA glasses is justified by the fact that they have exquisite craftsmanship and are made from some of the best materials on the market. The brand philosophy includes elegance at its finest. For those of us who want to look good effortlessly, DITA is the brand that can take us there.