Giorgio Armani Glasses

Unlike Emporio Armani collection, Giorgio Armani eyewear focuses on the modern classicism style instead of urban glamour. Giorgio Armani's philosophy is "less is more" and this ethos is truly reflected in his eyewear collections. Giorgio Armani glasses embody the idea of being innovative, yet timeless and consistent.

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  1. Ray-Ban Junior RB1089
    Ray-Ban Junior RB1089
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren PH1188
    Polo Ralph Lauren PH1188
  3. Oakley Miter OX8154
    Oakley Miter OX8154
  4. Oakley Scavenger OX8151
    Oakley Scavenger OX8151
  5. Michael Kors Coconut Grove MK3032
    Michael Kors Coconut Grove MK3032
  6. Emporio Armani EA3147
    Emporio Armani EA3147
  7. Emporio Armani EA3146
    Emporio Armani EA3146
  8. Giorgio Armani AR7172
    Giorgio Armani AR7172
  9. Giorgio Armani AR7167
    Giorgio Armani AR7167
  10. Giorgio Armani AR7166
    Giorgio Armani AR7166
  11. Giorgio Armani AR5089
    Giorgio Armani AR5089
  12. Giorgio Armani AR5084
    Giorgio Armani AR5084
  13. Giorgio Armani AR5086
    Giorgio Armani AR5086
  14. Giorgio Armani AR7159
    Giorgio Armani AR7159
    Was £201.00 Now £96.00
  15. Giorgio Armani AR7165
    Giorgio Armani AR7165
    Was £201.00 Now £96.00
  16. Giorgio Armani AR5083J
    Giorgio Armani AR5083J
  17. Giorgio Armani AR7164
    Giorgio Armani AR7164
  18. Giorgio Armani AR7163
    Giorgio Armani AR7163
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About Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the brand labels under the Armani umbrella. The brand conveys a sophisticated, elegant and high-end luxury image. The brand’s identity is elegant, sophisticated and exclusive. The brand’s advanced technology provides you with the best levels of comfort and function, and the high-quality craftsmanship and exclusive materials add to the appeal.

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

Attracting trendsetters and fashionistas this brand offers contemporary fashion with classic designs. Unlike Emporio Armani collection, Giorgio Armani eyewear focuses on the modern classicism style instead of urban glamour. The result of the design is a beautiful crafted frame that looks understated but has been created with significant care and precision.

You can really see the amount of quality that the craftsmen put into the making of the frames. Modern classicism, in simple terms, means a classic style with a modern twist. Think rectangle frame shapes and thin temples, typical features of a ‘classic’ frame. Then think plastic, with splashes of colour and a matte finish; this turns the ‘classic’ frame into something modern and edgy. Those who love Giorgio Armani eyewear would have a sophisticated taste; luxury, quality, craftsmanship are at the top of your priority list in everything you own.

Frames Of Your Life Campaign

This campaign was originally intended as a project to follow around some of the world’s most famous fashion bloggers and trendsetters, photographing people on the streets of the world’s major cities i.e. Paris, Milan, New York. The project then inspired the brand to create a new collection of eyewear and use a selection of the best images from the ‘Frames of Your Life’ project for the latest eyewear campaign. The monochromic photos enhanced the simplistic beauty of the campaign. The result of the campaign was edgy, iconic and innovative.