Jimmy Choo Glasses

Women’s hearts have been captured for decades by the luxury handmade Jimmy Choo shoes and the same luxury décor, finest materials and highly glamorous style are what Jimmy Choo frames feature for the woman who adores sensuous and seductive designs.

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  1. Jimmy Choo JM007
    Jimmy Choo JM007
  2. Jimmy Choo JM006
    Jimmy Choo JM006
    Was £294.44 Now £120.00
  3. Jimmy Choo JM005
    Jimmy Choo JM005
  4. Jimmy Choo JM004
    Jimmy Choo JM004
  5. Jimmy Choo JM003
    Jimmy Choo JM003
  6. Jimmy Choo JM002
    Jimmy Choo JM002
  7. Jimmy Choo JC96
    Jimmy Choo JC96
  8. Jimmy Choo JC222/F
    Jimmy Choo JC222/F
    Was £333.00 Now £135.00
  9. Jimmy Choo JC236/F
    Jimmy Choo JC236/F
  10. Jimmy Choo JC205
    Jimmy Choo JC205
  11. Jimmy Choo JC219
    Jimmy Choo JC219
  12. Jimmy Choo JC218
    Jimmy Choo JC218
    Was £268.70 Now £108.00
  13. Jimmy Choo JC217
    Jimmy Choo JC217
    Was £225.00 Now £108.00
  14. Jimmy Choo JC216
    Jimmy Choo JC216
    Was £347.15 Now £141.00
  15. Jimmy Choo JC215
    Jimmy Choo JC215
    Was £347.15 Now £141.00
  16. Jimmy Choo JC214
    Jimmy Choo JC214
    Was £165.00 Now £141.00
  17. Jimmy Choo JC213
    Jimmy Choo JC213
  18. Jimmy Choo JC212
    Jimmy Choo JC212
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In Choo’s Shoes

Jimmy Choo is a company synonymous with luxury shoes. However, as of 2011, they have brought out their own range of designer glasses.
Jimmy Choo was started by a Malaysian-British footwear designer of the same name. Choo's real name was Chow (of Chinese descent) but it was actually misspelt on his birth certificate. Rumour has it that Choo had already made his first shoe at the age of 11. He opened the first shop in 1986, and a decade later Choo founded his company alongside Vogue’s accessories editor of Tamara Mellon. There was a niche in the luxury shoe market and Mellon saw what Choo could bring to the table. Soon, his list of customers included royalties, musicians and celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. Princess Diana was known to be a regular client of Choo's, and after her divorce, she wore his high heels regularly without a husband of short stature to stand next to.

The Jimmy Choo Eyewear Collection

Consistent with the footwear range, the eyewear collection is only targeted at the female population. This is why the majority of the brand’s designs are feminine; however, there are some masculine-styled frames which could be worn by men who adore the luxury brand.

The soul of the brand is present in all of the eyewear collections. Beautifully-made frames crafted from the finest materials and at the highest quality is what the brand has to offer. Jimmy Choo frames are characterised by their attention to detail, bright colours and luxury feel. The general ideology behind the brand is to make products that represent sensuality and seductiveness, and the glasses truly represent this. The designs are soft and feminine with oftentimes graceful detailing.

Most of the optical frames are a rectangular shape; it’s a popular shape that can help contour a face. By creating angular lines you can slim down jaw lines and contour round cheeks. Jimmy Choo glasses are labelled as numbers and not names however in the sunglasses collection, each model has a name i.e. Jimmy Choo Andie.