We stock all designer glasses for men from Oliver Peoples to Prada Sport. Choose your favourite pair of glasses for men then add your prescription lenses!
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  1. Tom Ford TF5629-B
    Tom Ford TF5629-B
    Was £246.00 Now £128.20
  2. Tom Ford TF5661-B
    Tom Ford TF5661-B
    Was £246.00 Now £163.00
  3. Tom Ford TF5681-B
    Tom Ford TF5681-B
    Was £228.00 Now £150.00
  4. Tom Ford TF5662-B
    Tom Ford TF5662-B
    Was £228.00 Now £151.00
  5. Tom Ford TF5660-B
    Tom Ford TF5660-B
    Was £246.00 Now £163.00
  6. Tom Ford TF5622-B
    Tom Ford TF5622-B
    Was £276.00 Now £178.00
  7. Tom Ford TF5663-B
    Tom Ford TF5663-B
    Was £246.00 Now £160.96
  8. Tom Ford TF5628-B
    Tom Ford TF5628-B
    Was £246.00 Now £157.00
  9. Tom Ford TF5680-B
    Tom Ford TF5680-B
    Was £228.00 Now £156.00
  10. Dunhill VDH077
    Dunhill VDH077
    Was £207.00 Now £121.68
  11. Tom Ford TF5700-B
    Tom Ford TF5700-B
    Was £264.00 Now £180.00
  12. Tom Ford TF5699-B
    Tom Ford TF5699-B
    Was £264.00 Now £180.00
  13. Tom Ford TF5698-B
    Tom Ford TF5698-B
    Was £246.00 Now £168.00
  14. Tom Ford TF5694-B
    Tom Ford TF5694-B
    Was £519.00 Now £354.00
  15. Tom Ford TF5691-B
    Tom Ford TF5691-B
    Was £303.00 Now £207.00
  16. Tom Ford TF5684-B
    Tom Ford TF5684-B
    Was £276.00 Now £189.00
  17. Tom Ford TF5683-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5683-B With Clip-on
    Was £474.00 Now £324.00
  18. Tom Ford TF5682-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5682-B With Clip-on
    Was £426.00 Now £291.00
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Men's Glasses

From sports frames to fashion frames we have all the top designer glasses for men you can possibly buy. Shop Dior, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Cartier to DITA for the most luxurious Aviator, Clubmasters, Rectangular and Oversized frames. We have black and gold classics to bold statement colours which will certainly make you stand out. Try on as many shades as you like from the comfort of your own home using our virtual try on. Once you have chosen your favourite frames you can then add your prescription whether single vision or varifocal/progressive from top optical brands: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and our Fashion Eyewear packages.