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  • Mont Blanc Glasses

    The Montblanc Eyewear Collection features a wide range of styles that represent sophisticated luxury. This is reflected in the design, attention to detail, the rich combination of different materials and the careful selection of nuances.

Mont Blanc

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Showing 1 - 18 of 53 items
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  • Mont Blanc Glasses Online | Mont Blanc Prescription Glasses

    The Mont Blanc Story

    The company's seemingly humble beginnings took the fountain pen to new heights and laid the foundation for the future of Mont Blanc internationally. For over one hundred years, the brand has still managed to retain its values on quality and traditional craftsmanship.

    In the early 90s, the company started to expand its brand and product line from large leather bags and perfumes, to jewellery, watches and eyewear. The brand’s success continues to grow, thanks to its clever strategy for product diversification.

    The eyewear collection was first launched in 2001. Leading optical manufacturer, Marcolin agreed to produce and distribute the brand's eyewear through a licensed agreement. This means that Marcolin are the only authorised manufacturers of Mont Blanc optical and sun eyewear collections. The brand's decision to move into eyewear brought them great success.

    The Eyewear Collection

    Mont Blanc eyewear combines together style and function; sometimes it is the most simplistic creation that is the most beautiful. Instead of going over-the-top with unnecessary adornments as you may notice with some high-street eyewear models, Mont Blanc focuses on simplicity and minimalism.

    The eyewear designs emphasize the natural curves and curling lines of the frames. The colour palette chosen for the optical collection compliments the product itself. Some frames have a contrast of colours to bring something modern to the audience.

    The optical frames in the collection have a classic style; there’s a wide variety of classic frame shapes and colours. Most of the frames are made of metal but there are some acetate frames. If you are allergic to nickel, it is highly advised that you pick from the collection’s acetate selection. You will also find that there is more variety with the choice of colours with the acetate frames.

    Mont Blanc Artwork

    The brand’s eyewear collection was created by artist, Marius Watz. The brilliant designs were created on the computer using software processes and computer coding. Watz is mostly known for his use of vivid colours and geometric compositions in design.

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