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  • Nike Glasses

    The Nike sports eyewear collection features frames and spectacles for people living an active lifestyle. Golf, tennis, hiking or running – Nike glasses fit a range of sports activities.


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  • Nike Glasses Online | Nike Prescription Glasses

    How The Nike Story Started

    Nike is the world’s leading designer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for sports and fitness activities. Dedicated to design products to meet the needs of sports individuals from its origin, Nike’s mission is to help improve performance for both high level athletes and regular sportsmen.

    Founded by track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman under the name Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, the company initially distributed Japanese running shoes with most sales being made from the back of Knight’s car at track meets. Bowerman wanted to make the shoes lighter and better, ripping them apart to see how innovations could be made. By 1971, they were prepared to launch their own footwear line with the Swoosh logo on it. The company officially became Nike in 1978, taking its name from the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology, whose spirit the Swoosh embodies.

    Nike Glasses

    Nike launched its performance sports sunwear collection in 1997 and developed Nike Eyewear in cooperation with Marchon Eyewear later to complement it. Distinctive features of the Nike glasses and sunglasses are adjustabilty in the frames (arms and temples for maximum grip, stability and comfort), interchangeable lenses, ultra-lightweight frames and ventilated nose to reduce fogging; making them an ideal choice of glasses for sports like baseball, tennis, cycling and running.

    Nike Eyewear frames come in a variety of shape options (rectangles, cat eyes, soft pillows) and materials with all their styles including frames made of Flexon, a memory metal nearly impossible to twist out of shape. With the Nike MAX Lens technology distortion can be minimised and a larger visual field can be achieved. The latest addition to their line of adaptive sunglasses is the Speed Tint optimised for running, joining the Transitions Outdoor and Transitions Golf glasses. They are engineered for sports performance adapting to the weather conditions around you, shifting responsive to changing light conditions designed for the visual challenges games like golf.

    The Top Choice of Professional Athletes

    Nike Vision puts their eyewear through a rigorous multi-sport test, with Olympic medal winner athletes like Mo Farah, Trey Hardee, Misty May-Treanor and Shiven Ye pushing them to the limits on the field being real life testimonials for its proficiency. “Eyewear is a key piece of Nike’s incredible repertoire of equipment to help athletes perform their best,” Steve Tripi, marketing director, Marchon Eyewear/Nike Vision.

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