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Oakley Glasses

Oakley Glasses

The complete selection of Oakley glasses and eyeglasses is renowned for comfort and quality thanks to lightweight materials and comfortable styles. Oakley prescription glasses combine practicality and comfort with unrivalled clarity and vision to create the most comfortable glasses you will have ever worn. Shop now eyeglasses both for men and women available in a range of colours and sizes.
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  1. Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076
    Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076
    Was £102.00 From: £54.00
  2. Oakley Pitchman R Carbon OX8149
    Oakley Pitchman R Carbon OX8149
    Was £174.00 From: £78.00
  3. Oakley Holbrook RX OX8156
    Oakley Holbrook RX OX8156
    Was £87.00 From: £45.00
  4. Oakley Wingfold EVR OX5118
    Oakley Wingfold EVR OX5118
    From: £78.00
  5. Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128
    Oakley Crosslink Switch OX3128
    Was £201.00 From: £105.00
  6. Oakley Hyperlink OX8078
    Oakley Hyperlink OX8078
    Was £102.00 From: £54.00
  7. Oakley Airdrop OX8046
    Oakley Airdrop OX8046
    From: £172.62
  8. Oakley Plank 2.0 OX8081
    Oakley Plank 2.0 OX8081
    From: £141.23
  9. Oakley Steel Plate OX3222
    Oakley Steel Plate OX3222
    From: £192.92
  10. Oakley Pitchman OX8050
    Oakley Pitchman OX8050
    From: £213.23
  11. Oakley Centreboard OX8163
    Oakley Centreboard OX8163
    Was £114.00 From: £60.00
  12. Oakley Port Bow OX8164
    Oakley Port Bow OX8164
    Was £114.00 From: £51.00
  13. Oakley Tail Pipe OX3244
    Oakley Tail Pipe OX3244
    Was £132.00 From: £60.00
  14. Oakley Activate OX8173
    Oakley Activate OX8173
    Was £141.00 From: £69.00
  15. Oakley Wheel House OX8166
    Oakley Wheel House OX8166
    Was £147.00 From: £66.00
  16. Oakley Base Plane OX3241
    Oakley Base Plane OX3241
    Was £156.00 From: £69.00
  17. Oakley Saddle OX8165
    Oakley Saddle OX8165
    Was £186.00 From: £81.00
  18. Oakley Wingback OX5148
    Oakley Wingback OX5148
    Was £186.00 From: £72.00
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The Philosophy

The Oakley philosophy is based on their five rules of design. To redefine, reject conventional ideas, create a synergy with form and function, transcend innovations into solutions, and deliver the unexpected. Every frame design created by the company must meet these five rules; failing to do so will result in the design being scrapped and either modified or reinvented from scratch.

"Inventions wrapped in art. Oakley was founded upon that idea, and it still defines us today." – Jim Jannard , founder of Oakley

The Oakley Lenses and Eyewear Collections

Nothing like you’ve seen or worn before. The innovative eyewear takes to your vision another level. High-Definition Optics (HDO®) technology provides you with the best visual acuity and clarity. Our qualified in-house opticians can fit your prescription glasses with a wide selection of lenses. You can also opt for Oakley True Digital™ lenses with Dual Peripheral Technology™ which offers sharper peripheral vision without distorting the lenses or altering your prescription range.

Oakley Sport Collection

Looking to find the best sports glasses? The Oakley Sport designer eyewear collection has been designed for men and women that are professional athletes or engage in sports events on a daily basis. This collection gives you the Oakley experience as well as all the advanced technology. The frames are more curved than the traditional eyeglasses giving you more peripheral vision which optimises your reflex mechanisms. This helps you to perform better.

Oakley Active

If you are actively exercising and you need a good level of sports optimisation from your eyewear, the active range will provide you with what you need in addition to the Oakley experience.

Oakley Lifestyle

The Oakley Lifestyle collection is for men and women who do not require any sport-enhancing technology although you will still receive the full experience (HDO® technology, 3-point grip frames, and beautiful styling and function).

The benefits of investing in Oakley spectacles and sunglasses are numerous. Apart from wearing one of the world’s most celebrated brands, you will no doubt have the greatest quality eyewear available. The production process of your Oakley varifocals eyewear will undergo strict quality control; meaning there is no doubt you’ll be investing in the correction and protection of your vision.