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  • Oliver Peoples Glasses

    The mysterious elegance of the Hollywood-born, vintage inspired Oliver Peoples eyewear collection features subtle luxury combined with quirky cool frames’ and spectacles’ designs.

Oliver Peoples

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Showing 1 - 18 of 54 items
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  • Oliver Peoples Glasses Online | Oliver Peoples Prescription Glasses

    The Oliver Peoples Story

    Founders of the brand, brothers Larry and Dennis Leight, opened up their first optical boutique in 1986. The Leight brothers bought their first collection of vintage American-made eyewear from leading optical companies including Bausch & Lomb. The collection consisted of highly popular and stylish frames with super iconic styles. It is said that the name of the brand came from this initial purchase which Leight brothers signed their name under.

    The brand is unique and totally distinctive; by getting rid of the entire ridiculous labeling which most designer brands love to do, Oliver Peoples spectacles become almost anonymous. Only those who are loyal to the brand or people who are familiar with the brand’s extremely subtle symbols and styles will recognise who the frame is made by. Another great benefit of the company’s products is that all of the eyewear has names instead of numbers so you can ask for an Oliver Peoples frame specifically by name.

    The Optical Collection

    Vintage eyewear was a huge success back in the 90’s and still is today. Oliver Peoples glasses stay true to the brand heritage in every way as every model that is now produced pays tribute to the iconic, retro styles of the 1980s to 1990s. The brand caters to both men and women with distinctive fashion styles; whether you are really into vintage fashion or prefer the latest fashion runway looks, there's a model in this collection that is perfect for you.

    Most of the Oliver Peoples eyewear is available in earthy and neutral tones such as brown, cocobolo, black or crystal clear. If you much prefer cool and quirky colours, there's red, pink, nude and green to choose from. When selecting optical glasses, if you do not wear prescription lenses you can opt for the 'dummy' manufacturer lenses or choose PLANO lenses with a prescription of +/- 0.00. The PLANO lenses offer better clarity than dummy lenses. If you wear prescription lenses, select a lens material that is best suited to you.

    Oliver Peoples & Hollywood

    If you love spectacles that are totally discreet and subtle when it comes to branding, you will love Oliver Peoples. The brand's eyewear collection has been designed to not use any other-the-top branding or special logos. This makes the brand and eyewear incredibly unique and mysterious. Only the elites or those who are very familiar with the brand are able to recognise its distinctive eyewear. Celebrity fans of this brand include Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Bateman, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, and Jay Z who are well known for wearing designer sunglasses whenever they're out and about. Designer spectacles are one of the biggest accessories trend at the moment for non-prescription and prescription wearers.

    Oliver Peoples is a high-end brand that is only available at prestigious online and high street retailers. The brand’s optical collection consists of a small amount of models. Why create several models of similar-looking frames when you can create fewer unique models that will appeal to different people?

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