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Polaroid Glasses

Polaroid Glasses

Polaroid Eyewear is a worldwide leader in eye-care and optics and a pioneering international eyewear brand that owes its name to the invention that changed the world of technology and optics: polarized lenses.

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  1. Polaroid PLD D356/G
    Polaroid PLD D356/G
    Was £48.00 From: £24.00
  2. Polaroid PLDD311
    Polaroid PLDD311
  3. Polaroid PLD D357/G
    Polaroid PLD D357/G
  4. Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Was £63.00 From: £24.50
  5. Polaroid PLDD310
    Polaroid PLDD310
    Was £48.00 From: £24.00
  6. Polaroid PLD D359/G
    Polaroid PLD D359/G
    Was £72.00 From: £27.50
  7. Polaroid PLDD352
    Polaroid PLDD352
    Was £60.00 From: £25.00
  8. Polaroid PLDD349
    Polaroid PLDD349
  9. Polaroid PLDD330
    Polaroid PLDD330
    Was £57.00 From: £25.00
  10. Polaroid PLDD360/G
    Polaroid PLDD360/G
    Was £57.00 From: £24.50
  11. Polaroid PLDD354
    Polaroid PLDD354
  12. Polaroid Junior PLDD345
    Polaroid Junior PLDD345
    Was £60.00 From: £24.00
  13. Polaroid Junior PLDD343
    Polaroid Junior PLDD343
    Was £48.00 From: £22.50
  14. Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D429/G
    Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D429/G
    From: £24.50
  15. Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D428/G
    Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D428/G
    From: £24.50
  16. Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D425/G
    Polaroid Asian Fit PLD D425/G
    From: £24.50
  17. Polaroid PLD D424
    Polaroid PLD D424
    Was £26.40 From: £26.40
  18. Polaroid PLD D423
    Polaroid PLD D423
    Was £26.40 From: £26.40
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Polaroid, since it was established by Edwin Land in 1937, has strengthened its reputation as a leading brand in polarized lenses. Today, Polaroid produces and distributes its polarized sunglasses, Clip-ons, Suncovers™ and optical frames worldwide through its owner subsidiaries and its network of exclusive distributors. The brand joined the Safilo Group in April 2012.